Taking the 'Kitchy' out of Holiday Themed Weddings

Holiday weddings can be fun. They offer an opportunity to invite guests to celebrate not only a major yearly event, but your marriage at the same time!

The decor options are endless, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with design when you are planning a Holiday wedding.

On Halloween, we tend to imagine orange, purple, and ghosts.
Around the Holidays, we think red, green, and holly.
On New Years Eve, we think black, silver, and sparkling gold.

While these are all beautiful in their own way, our preconceived ideas about Holiday decor can take a very personal event (your wedding!) and make it well…’kitchy’.


What is ‘kitchy’ you say?

’Kitchy’ is when we blanket apply our typical expected Holiday decor ideas to a wedding, and hope it works.

It’s when your wedding becomes more about the Holiday decor, and less about you as a couple!

Read on for tips on taking the ‘Kitchy’ out of your Holiday themed wedding, polish up your decor, and make it truly your own!


Fall Themed Weddings

Fall is a beautiful time of year for Colorado weddings! The weather may still be warm while the incredible scents of cinnamon and farmland and changing leaves give us that warm fuzzy feeling.

Many people choose fall color schemes of orange and red, using pumpkins and leaves for decor.

But consider these ideas to elevate and enhance fall decor for your wedding!

  • Choose an unexpected color scheme that still offers a nod to fall without being orange and red. Think rich burgundy, moss green, and a distressed deep navy blue.

  • Rather than using pumpkins, hay bales, and leaves, consider using apples, lanterns, and cozy seating areas with throw pillows and plush knit blankets.

  • For Halloween weddings, consider a nod to dark elegance.

    Rather than purple and black, look at a color scheme of silver, navy, and deep charcoal. Used thoughtfully paper lanterns, white pumpkins, and dyed cheesecloth can offer a spooky and yet surprisingly inviting feel to your Halloween themed wedding reception.

    Black ribbon on the bouquets and albino pumpkins make a simple statement without going overboard.

  • Serve apple cider in a large urn surrounded by gorgeous fresh-picked apples, cinnamon tied up in ribbons, candles, and a simple sign with custom calligraphy.


Winter Holiday and Christmas Themed Weddings

What’s better than the Holidays?

Soft falling snow, a crackling fire, and cozy seating areas give us a reason to love even the coldest days.

Here are some beautiful elevated decor ideas for Holiday & Christmas themed weddings!

  • Consider a color scheme using shades of ivory, taupe, silver, blue-grey, and an unexpected soft distressed red tone (rather than the classic stark red and green of Christmas).

  • Use candles in abundance to create warmth

  • Rent a cozy seating area where guests might surround themselves with old friends and sip warm brandy cocktails!

  • Cozy plaid blankets in a modern color pattern on each chair welcome guests to relax and enjoy the fire. It also makes a great favor for them to take home.

  • Incorporate pomegranates, aspen or birch, shiplap, and silver or gold flecked decor pieces (think lanterns, chargers, or napkins).

  • Don’t forget the hot chocolate bar! Offer a selection of toppings displayed in frosted glass jars: hand-made marshmallows dusted in powdered sugar, cinnamon sticks, caramel swizzlers, and cracked sea salt. Don’t forget the bourbon!


New Years Eve Themed Weddings

It’s time to take the ‘kitchy’ out of New Years Eve, too! Most people immediately think of black, gold, and sparkles. Let me show you how to surprise guests with elevated holiday decor!

When your guests are going to party late into the evening hours with you, creating a fun, inviting atmosphere is a must.

NYE weddings are not the time to skip on food, drink, or fun! Plan to offer a variety of great food, a professional bartender to monitor guests, and a fantastic DJ to keep the party going.

Here are some upscale NYE wedding decor ideas to get you started!

  • A simple color scheme of ivory and champagne tones using candles, linens, and an arrangement of lighting dripping from the ceiling is a fresh departure from black and gold; done well, it can feel as though you are inside a glass of light, fresh bubbling champagne. Festive!

  • Don’t be afraid to go unexpected with decor using sugared whole lemons, snow-dusted greenery, candles, and silver beads. Serve candied lemons in a fresh cocktail at the bar.

  • Frosted berries make a stunning and shimmery topping for your cake and on your dessert bar.

  • Rent shimmery sequin table clothes, and then layer decor pieces on in shades of blackberry, green, and ivory.

  • Don’t skimp on lighting! Great uplighting and fun lighting installations can take your reception from ‘nice’ to ‘WOW’.


Bonus Holiday Wedding Planning Tips

My biggest piece of advice is this: give a nod to the Holiday, but don’t make it about the Holiday.

It’s YOUR wedding, make it first about you, and honor the Holiday with simple touches.

I don’t recommend July 4th weddings, however if you choose to go that route a candy bar filled to the brim with treats in red, white, and blue is a great way to honor the day.

Don’t go overboard, but have fun with it!


Are you planning a Colorado Holiday-Themed wedding?

If you are looking to incorporate fresh decor ideas into your fall, Holiday, or NYE wedding, let’s chat! I am a full-service wedding planner in Denver, CO and would love to get you started. My wedding planning services include vendor recommendations, design, and more; take all of the wedding planning puzzle pieces off your plate and put it on mine so that all you have to do is get married and have fun at the reception of your dreams!