AM vs. PM Weddings - Colorado Wedding Planning Advice

Three words: bacon, pastries, and mimosas!

Now imagine these things on your wedding day menu; served after you say your vows in the beautiful morning light.

Today we are chatting AM vs. PM weddings!

The default choice is often to plan a wedding in the evening, with an afternoon reception. However, AM brunch weddings are a trendy and fun way to shake things up! Read on for tips and advice for planning your Colorado wedding!


AM vs. PM Weddings - Colorado Wedding Planning Advice for Couples

If you are recently engaged and looking at wedding venues, read this blog post first!

Your venue choice and overall theme may be impacted if you fall in love with the idea of your guests celebrating over champagne and eggs rather than craft beer and roast beef.

First up? AM brunch weddings. Read on!


Reasons to plan an AM brunch wedding

Beautiful morning light

Morning light tends to be soft and inviting. It asks you and your guests to bask in a shady spot, while the sun-drenched lawn is gently warmed by the early morning light.

This soft light is also gorgeous for your wedding day portraits!

Lawn games

Invite guests to sip champagne and toss beanbags on the lawn for a game of corn hole.

Celebrate outdoors with them before the blazing sun makes the afternoon too hot to enjoy.

Coffee (possibly even spiked!) and Bloody Mary’s on the patio? Yes please!

Brunch Food

Did I mention bacon?


I really shouldn’t have to say more here, but I will. Brunch food is amazing. It’s often more cost-effective, too! Everybody loves eggs, pastries, and perfectly cooked French toast.

Don’t forget the Bloody Mary bar! Encourage guests to explore a selection of olives, local gourmet hot sauces, and veggies to garnish their drink.

The party can go all day

After the wedding and brunch reception are finished, party on!

Invite guests back to the hotel where the fun can continue; arrange a fun party bus tour of the city, take your wedding party out for some incredible photos, or simply plan to meet everybody at your favorite bar for drinks and apps in the evening.


The AM brunch wedding sounds amazing right? There are a few things to consider: a 9AM wedding ceremony means getting up before the sun to start hair and makeup.

People are less inclined to drink heavily and dance in the mornings, so if having a rocking party is your goal, you might look towards the traditional PM wedding.

For some couples, they may feel that the excitement of the day came and went before things got started!

The AM brunch wedding is a great option for those who prefer the spotlight be short lived; a fun, beautiful morning followed by a quiet afternoon. Many couples opt to share the morning with their guests, and then enjoy a nice quiet dinner the same day with a few they are closest too.


Reasons to Plan a Traditional PM Wedding

Traditional option with plenty of time to get ready

This is definitely the most popular option in wedding planning. The traditional PM wedding means you have all morning to get ready and celebrate before the ceremony happens.

Well suited for formal black-tie events

While you technically could have a formal, black-tie brunch wedding or a laid back PM wedding, the evening is well suited for more upscale events.

If your decor dreams involve glamour, luxury, ballgowns, and massive decor and lighting installations, stick with the PM wedding.

Apps, Craft Beer, and More

The PM wedding is an invitation to treat guests to selections of local craft beer, creative and fun appetizers, and an ice cream bar to finish the night.

The options are endless and unlike the brunch wedding, nobody will flat out expect mimosas and scrambled eggs!

A great party

Having your wedding in the evening is a must if you plan to have a rocking reception where your guests kick off their heels to keep dancing well into the dark hours.

When the dance floor shuts down, keep the party going at a local bar!


If you are starting the process of planning YOUR Colorado wedding, and want more ideas and advice on choosing an AM vs. PM style wedding, let’s chat!

I’d be happy to help make your event a beautiful reality.

Wanda Bonner