The Best Wedding Dress Styles for Hiding Insecurities

As a Colorado wedding planner, I get to see a LOT of dresses.

If I’m not actually helping brides choose their wedding dress, I do get to spend plenty of time on the day of the wedding with the dress. It’s not uncommon that I need to steam out a few wrinkles, fix a button, or straighten out the netting.

I love wedding dresses and how unique and personal they can be for every bride.

Today I’m sharing tips on choosing a wedding dress that allows you to not only look beautiful, but FEEL beautiful.

Here is a my first, most important tip to kick this off: if you feel uncomfortable in the dress, there is probably a reason. The best dress you can choose for yourself will make you feel confident, sexy, and happy!


The Best Wedding Dress Styles for Hiding Insecurities

Here are a few quick wedding dress tips:


Sometimes a gown may have the right shape, but the fabric fails to wow.

Fabric that feels like a waterfall in your hand tends to be much less forgiving than fabric with structure.

Lace is an amazing option for hiding those lumps and bumps that we all love to hate; the texture of it alone is not only classic, but romantic and flattering.

Details such as beading, sequins, netting/tulle, and ruffles are also amazing for this! Think structure + texture when choosing fabrics to highlight your best features.

If you are in love with the soft, waterfall feel fabrics and sheath wedding gowns, do it! As above, if you feel amazing, you’ll look amazing. Many women are surprised to find that they can pull off this look too.



There are a few primary silhouettes; ballgown, a-line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath, tea, and midi.

Each has it’s own variations, but the basic idea is the same.

Keep an open mind here! Sometimes the shape we thought we would like isn’t a fit at all.

Your bridal stylist can help you decide a shape that works best for your body, and then you can move forward by only trying on gowns in that silhouette.

A-line gowns tend to be the most universally flattering. Don’t go into it with any ideas about your body and that being the only way, however! All women, no matter the size, have the potential to look fantastic in even the most form fitting gowns; it’s all about your shape, not your size.

As a matter of fact, if you believe that your body size dictates the shape of your dress, you may be missing out on the gown that will really flatter you! Keep an open mind and have fun. You never know what might work.



The neckline on your wedding dress can do a lot for you!

Beautiful sleeves are in style and are a great option if you want to hide your shoulders or arms; cap sleeves or regular sleeves can be sewn onto many wedding gowns, so don’t be afraid to ask your bridal stylist.

A sweetheart neckline dips down which can be especially flattering for those with a larger bust.

Illusion backs offer an element of romance without being sultry or more revealing than you are comfortable with.



Nothing is more flattering than a well-fit, well-tailored wedding gown.

Your dress can be a paper sack, but as long as it’s tailored to fit you it will look amazing.

Don’t purchase a dress that is too small - the alterations rarely look right and chances are, you will need alterations. Purchase based on your current size, not your ‘hope’ size.

Don’t skimp on alterations, either! Poor fitting gowns are uncomfortable and can do anything but flatter your body. (Contact me for planning packages and advice on finding a great seamstress!).


A few general tips about wedding gowns:

Walk into wedding gown shopping with an open mind!

It’s entirely possible that a mermaid dress is the perfect fit for you, or a low back is something you never thought you wanted (but found yourself feeling amazing in).

It’s possible that you find something below your budget, and also super easy to fall in love over your budge.

Always consider what this gown means to you in the end of it all; is it just an expensive dress, or does it carry some deeper sentimental or personal meaning?

You should feel amazing in your dress; any woman, any body can look incredible. Wear what makes you feel good and you cannot go wrong!

In the comments below, tell us about your wedding dress! What made you feel amazing?

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