Considerations When Planning a Holiday Wedding

Today’s post goes hand in hand with our ‘Taking the Kitchy Out of Holiday & Themed Weddings’ blog post (SEE IT HERE).

If you are planning a Holiday wedding, or one scheduled on a Holiday weekend, this post is for you! There are a few things to consider when planning a Holiday wedding, and I want to give you a heads up.

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Considerations When Planning a Holiday Wedding

A Holiday wedding is one that happens on an actual Holiday (example, July 4th or New Year’s Eve), or one that happens on a Holiday week or weekend (example, Thanksgiving or Labor Day).

A Holiday wedding can be a fun and festive way to celebrate with friends and family, but there are a few things to consider. Read on!

1. Holiday Weddings May Cost You More

Overall, a Holiday wedding may be more expensive.

Vendors wishing to reserve their time for family may charge a premium, especially for larger Holidays such as July 4th and Christmas Eve.

It may also be more difficult to find professional vendors who are willing to work on certain Holidays, so get started early if you want to have plenty to choose from.

By law, venues may also need to pay their staff more to work on certain Holidays, so expect to pay a premium there, too.

You’ll hear this again and again in this post, but when planning a Holiday wedding, it pays to plan ahead. For some vendors and venues, you are looking at needing 9-12 months or more in advance of your wedding.


2. Holiday Weddings May Cost Your GUESTS More

When planning a Holiday wedding, keep in mind that travel expenses tend to rise during peak travel times.

It can cost a lot more to travel to Denver and stay in a nice hotel over the week of Thanksgiving, than it would the week following after most people are home.

Plan to tell guests about your wedding as soon as possible, so that they aren’t scrambling to find reasonably priced airfare at the last minute.


3. Peak Holiday Weekends are POPULAR!

Memorial Day and Labor Day are some of the most popular weekends for weddings. Why? We think it’s because couples assume their family and friends have a three day weekend already, making it so they don’t have to take time off of work to travel.

The problem is, it makes these two weekends particularly busy for all involved. Great vendors and venues can go fast, so plan early.

If you are planning your wedding a Hotel, the rooms can be booked up before you, your wedding party, and your guests can book your stay there. Peak weekends are funny like that. Make sure your guests know to also book early.


4. Guests May Wish to Be Elsewhere

This one is a bummer, but true. Some of your guests may have long-standing New Years Eve traditions and balk at the idea of spending that evening at your wedding.

On the other hand, some of your guests may think it’s the best idea ever, and love the free party and open bar!

Be conscious of how your wedding date decision might affect the plans others may already have in place. While a Christmas Eve wedding sounds romantic and amazing, a wedding the day before Christmas Eve can be just as incredible.


5. A Holiday Wedding Can be One of the Most Memorable Events Ever

I’ve spoken a lot of doom and gloom about Holiday weddings, but the truth is, if you decide to go for it, you can create some of the most incredible memories for you and your guests.

Imagine celebrating your anniversary on NYE every single year?
Imagine fireworks following your first dance at your July 4th wedding reception?
Imagine having 3 days to spend with your guests, when they come to your wedding during Labor Day Weekend?

Plan ahead, plan thoughtfully, and have FUN with it!


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