All-Onsite Wedding Venues in Colorado

When you are searching for a wedding venue in Colorado, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the choices. It’s also easy to miss some of the best options, which are often buried under the websites and fancy brochures of venues with massive marketing budgets!

There is a huge difference between an ‘all-inclusive’ wedding venue, and an ‘all-onsite’ wedding venue.

The all-inclusive wedding venue will often have contracts that allow you to choose their in-house team, including everything from your photographer, to your planner, to your florist. While these venues can be a good options for couples looking for no-frills simplicity and a fairly straight-forward experience, this can be a decent option. These venues tend to have strict policies and because they operate on efficiency and simplicity, they often host multiple weddings each day and require that your wedding operate within a period of often short and non-negotiable hours.


The all-onsite wedding venue, however, is where the magic is in my experience.

This is the dream venue that gives you a place to get ready in the morning, have your ceremony, and have your reception all in the same location. You still choose your own photographer, your own florist, and your own planner (hopefully me!), and because everything on the day of the wedding is at the same location, the stress levels are greatly minimized!

Imagine this: no coordinating vendors across multiple venues. No moving large floral and decor arrangements from a ceremony to a reception 10 miles away. No trying to move a large wedding party from one place to another to another. No answering your phone on the day of the wedding to help you long lost Aunt who is actually…LOST trying to find your reception!

No ending your reception at 4pm on the dot while they start flipping your reception decor, because another wedding ceremony is set to take place at 4.30!

These are the traits to look for in a good wedding venue…if you need recommendations, read on, but also, contact me! I can help you plan your wedding before you even have the venue booked, and can let you in on a few places you maybe didn’t think of.



Colorado Ranch Weddings

Many ranch style venues in Colorado offer the all-onsite option.

A great example is Spruce Mountain Ranch in Larkspur. Not only is this place stunning, but it’s easy for your guests to get to.

Open meadows, mountain views, and modern reception facilities are just the beginning. Each of their two private sites give you all of the room you need to get ready (one of the sites even gives you access to an entire house), share your vows, and celebrate with guests, all without ever leaving the venue.


Colorado City Weddings

For chic city weddings, look into MOSS in Denver, where you can get ready in the bridal suite, share your vows with an urban-industrial backdrop, and dance the night away with a waterfall bar and actual moss wall to add to the city-chic industrial feel.

Hotels are another fantastic option for all-onsite city weddings! In downtown Denver, you can get ready at the Westin hotel, share your vows on the rooftop with the city skyline, celebrate with guests at your reception, and wake up the next morning in your bridal suite with your new spouse.


Colorado Mountain Weddings

There are literally 100’s of fantastic options for all on-site wedding venues in the mountains of Colorado.

One that comes to mind is Blackstone Rivers Ranch in Idaho Springs, and Winding River Ranch in Granby. Both are stunning venues that offer some on-site lodging as well as space for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

A more local option is the Manor House in Littleton, CO where you can get ready in the beautiful guest house, share your vows with views of the mountains AND city, and have your first dance on the grand front porch of the estate home.


Private Home Weddings in Colorado

The last option for all-onsite wedding venues in Colorado is the private home wedding.

You can actually rent some homes on VRBO and use them as a wedding venue (be sure to check with the owners first, they often have specific terms).

This may be the most relaxed option; large VRBO’s can host up to 50 people, so your entire wedding party and their partners can stay with you the entire weekend of the wedding!

Get ready with the mountain breeze coming into the windows, walk out the door to your ceremony in a mountain meadow, and celebrate with your guests in an outdoor tent on private property.


There are TONS of venues like this in Colorado, if you send me an email I’m happy to chat planning packages and get you started on the wedding of your dreams!