Winter Floral Trends - Colorado Wedding Planning

One of my favorite florists to work with is Lindsay Culkin from Fairytale Floral in Denver, CO.

Not only are her designs unique, beautiful, and well-planned, but she’s fantastic to work with. My couples love her!

I wanted to focus a bit this week on Winter floral trends; flowers, colors, and design that fit in beautifully with a Colorado winter wedding.

Lindsay was so helpful and more than happy to answer some questions for us about what to expect in winter weddings! She also provided us with some fantastic inspiration.

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As a favorite florist for Blue Linden Events, what is a favorite piece of advice that you have for brides when it comes to floral design and choosing flowers? 

A favorite piece of advice that I love to give to Bride’s is to not lose site of what is truly important to them!

Weddings can be stressful and with the many opinions of those around you it’s easy to just say ‘This is easier’  or ‘This is more cost effective’ and choose that route versus actually making your dream visions come to life!

I like to work with Bride’s to figure out how we can get their dream day incorporated back into their budget.


What trends do you see coming up for Winter weddings? 

This winter I’ve seen a ton of interest in rich jewel tones!

Couples are loving the contrast against the snow for dramatic photos, and of course greenery is still going strong for the 2018 trends!

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Are there particular flowers that tend to be more affordable and hardier in the cold weather that you recommend for winter floral arrangements? 

Winter weddings are so fun to incorporate evergreens and cones to save on cost. Also beautiful blooms and accents such as amaryllis, pomegranates/persimmons, ilex berries and pods are much hardier this time of year!

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If you could design a dream bridal bouquet for a winter wedding without any restrictions, what would it look like? (DREAM BIG!)

A dream winter Bridal bouquet of mine would be lush and whimsical (asymmetrical is always a favorite).

I love to incorporate botanicals, so pomegranates, branches and pods/cones would be a must! I also am a sucker for amaryllis, ranunculus and garden roses with the fresh scent of evergreens.


Thank you SO much Lindsay for giving us some insight into 2018 Winter floral trends!

I love the idea behind incorporating pine cones and pomegranates with greenery and amaryllis. The rich jewel tones would be stunning in a winter environment, and warm and inviting departure from the bright and airy tones of summer.

Interested in working with Lindsay? We love working together, so reach out to both of us!

You can find Lindsay here:

Instagram @FairytaleFloral

Happy planning!

Wanda Bonner