How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget - Colorado Wedding Planning Advice

As a wedding planner, ‘budget’ is one of the most common words I hear.

I get it, weddings can be EXPENSIVE!

Especially when you start looking at the things that you really want.

Let me show you how to plan a wedding on a budget, without making it feel like a budget wedding!

(Side note, I know it seems counter-intuitive to hire a wedding planner when you are trying to save money, but hear me out. Did you know that your wedding planner has connections, and may be able to get you the best places and some of the best rates? It’s worth chatting. Make sure to reach out to me after you read our blog post today!)


How to plan a wedding on a budget

Here are my 5 tips for planning a budget wedding in Colorado. The best part is, you can pick and choose what works for YOUR wedding!

1. Eliminate the ‘FLUFF’

What is fluff, you say?

Fluff is things that tend to add up in cost, but not add a lot of value.


  • Favors. Favors are a nice gesture, but I can guarantee that your guests will appreciate better food, or more options at the bar, than a cute bag with custom M&M’s in it.

    For a budget-friendly alternative, consider giving your guests donuts late into the evening. They will LOVE the surprise, and donuts are inexpensive to buy in bulk. Display them on a fun table and encourage guests to decorate their own donuts with an assortment of sprinkles.

  • Champagne. The champagne toast is a wedding tradition, and nobody says you have to do away with the toast part!

    The truth is, many people are perfectly happy to take a sip of their champagne and leave the rest on the table. While some love it, it’s a LOT of expense when your guests likely already have a glass of wine or other beverage in their hands.

What other ‘fluff’ can you eliminate? Think creatively and you may be surprised!


2. Cut the guest list

One of the most effective way to eliminate expense in your wedding budget is to cut the guest list.

This can be a tricky task, especially when mom would like to see her old college roommates invited!

Creating your guest list may be one of the first difficult tasks you face as a newly engaged couple, so walk into it with a little understanding.

Start with a list of EVERY name you could possibly invite, including their spouses and children.

Then sort them into three groups. The ‘MUST INVITE’ group, the ‘COULD INVITE’ group, and the ‘COULD GO EITHER WAY’ group.

Sit down (maybe with a glass of wine in hand!) and hash it out.

You may have to move some people from one list, down to the next, but it’s worth it to really stick to who you are as a couple, and the people who will truly value the invitation.


3. Choose budget friendly decor

With the help of a wedding planner, you can choose decor that is both budget-friendly and still beautiful.

A few ideas:

  • Choose flowers that are in-season and in easy to find colors. Use greenery as filler in lieu of blooms. You might even consider eliminating flowers from your table decor, and choosing actual plants that you can plant at your new home!

  • Candles and glass can really fill out a table and make it feel warm and romantic without adding much to the cost. Shop at thrift stores for vintage glass that can be used as votives! They are not only inexpensive (especially on 50% off days), but easy to find and beautiful, even when intentionally mismatched.

  • Rather than a massive floral and fabric installation for your wedding ceremony arch, choose a location that has a beautiful view instead.


4. Choose a budget-friendly location

A budget-friendly location doesn’t have to mean ‘cheesy’, ‘dated’, or ‘boring’.

Local city parks, and even natural open space with gorgeous views will often have a simple, inexpensive permit fee for wedding ceremonies. Contrast that to a typical ‘site fee’ at a wedding venue, and you could be saving $1000’s of dollars.

For inexpensive reception venues, get creative! Campgrounds, upscale outdoor pavilions, and city run facilities (such as the Washington Park Boat House) can be both beautiful and much cheaper than a traditional wedding venue.


Remember how earlier I mentioned that hiring a wedding planner can save you money?

All of the above is why! I can help you plan a ‘budget’ wedding that feels anything but cheap - but you have to give me a call! I have so many great ideas to share with you and look forward to chatting about your Colorado wedding.

Wanda - Colorado Wedding Planner