Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer - Wedding Planning Advice for Colorado Couples

One of the things I help my couples with during wedding planning is finding, choosing, and hiring qualified wedding vendors here in Colorado.

Every wedding vendor you choose is an important piece of the bigger picture (excuse the pun), and it’s important to assemble a team that has your best interests at heart!

You can hire the ‘best’ or the ‘top’ wedding vendors in Colorado, but if they aren’t working together, and aren’t working for your needs, it won’t matter.

These are my personal tips, as a wedding planner, for choosing and hiring a top wedding photographer in Colorado!


Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Ask around!

Some of the most reassuring referrals you can get will come from friends, family, and yes…yours truly!

People who had a phenomenal personal or professional experience with a wedding photographer can help guide you towards a professional with an established track record.

They can also share with you what worked, and what didn’t - so if they had a not so great experience, you can use the ideas to your advantage!


Look for photographers who have experience with weddings.

While it may be cheaper, it’s also risky to gamble your wedding day on somebody who has only photographed a few family sessions in a portrait studio with controlled lighting.

A wedding day moves at a quick and often unpredictable or even stressful pace. It requires balancing emotion, schedules, people, and art…not to mention the technique behind creating hundreds of beautiful photos quickly in multiple different lighting scenarios (some very tricky…those blue sky mountain top weddings at 2pm are gorgeous, but can be tricky on camera).

These things come with time and experience. Experience often comes at a price; so feel free to strike a balance here. Some really great up and coming wedding photographers have spent time shadowing others and working as an assistant, and may be a perfect fit for your Colorado wedding.

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Choose a photographer with a consistent style that you LOVE!

Look to see that they handle weddings that are similar to yours in a way that speaks to you.

If family is important, look for a consistent focus on that.

If bright, clean colors is important, look for that across several weddings and their social media posts.

If you want your wedding photos looking like a Pinterest gallery, look for a photographer with a consistent eye for detail, who is thrilled to capture all of the sentimental decor you can come up with.


Once you have narrowed down a few options, get on the phone with them or meet in person!

The most talented photographer in the world could be a major source of stress at your wedding if you don’t have a deep personal connection.

Your wedding photographer will spend much of your wedding day with you, and will be there for some of the more private and intimate moments that even your wedding guests do not get to be a part of.

Having a connection that allows for an easy, fun relationship just makes the whole experience better for everybody involved. That deep personal connection will also mean that your photographer likely shares the same ideas and beliefs that you do…so when you bring your dog to your wedding, they will be JUST as excited as you are!


Hiring a photographer with professional contracts is a must!

Make sure that everything is covered from their policy on inclement weather to delivering photos (and the time it takes).

Find out exactly what they mean by their ‘print release’, and make sure you clarify their inclusions when it comes to files, editing, and the package you’ve chosen.

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Are you ready to hire a wedding photographer for your Colorado wedding?

I may be able to help! I work with couples both in and out of Colorado planning the wedding of their dreams, and would love to help guide you towards your amazing day.

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