5 Movies to Watch if You are Nostalgic About Your Wedding - Colorado Wedding Planning Ideas

I love a great movie.

As a wedding planner, I really love a great movie that rides on love; nostalgic, classic movies with weddings, wedding plans, and all the fun, drama, and romance that comes with them.

A LOT of couples feel a bit down after their wedding, and it’s no surprise! All of the excitement, planning, ideas came together and it was done and over in just a day.

So to help you transition from ‘engaged’ to married life, here are 5 movies you might watch together when you are feeling nostalgic about your wedding.

Grab the popcorn!

Wanda Bonner Favorites-0002.jpg

The Wedding Singer

This one is a favorite because it has a light, playful tone to it. It’s FULL of cheesy 1980’s culture, and the romance between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is sweet. It has it’s silly moments, but it’s not so sappy that you need to glue your eyes in to keep them from rolling to the back of your head!

Watch for: poofy sleeve wedding dresses, mullets, and the day when having a CD player made you really, really cool.


Bride Wars

Bride Wars is one of those wedding movies that is so over-the-top that you can’t help but take it seriously just for the fun of it. Two best friends duke it out to have the best wedding, at the best venue, complete with an elite, somewhat snooty wedding planner to help them compete.

It will make you feel amazing about the relationships you have with your friends, and just how perfect and beautiful YOUR wedding actually was.


Steel Magnolias

No nostalgic weddings blog post is complete without mention of perhaps one of the most classic wedding films ever made.

Steel Magnolias is romantic, funny, and heartfelt at the same time. It’s full of realities, honest characters, and style and has a truly human aspect not often found in wedding films.

Grab the tissues and watch this one again.



Bridesmaids is a FANTASTIC way to wind down from the wedding with your girlfriends. Gather your wedding party, have a pajama day, pour some mimosas, and get to laughing with this new classic.

The best part about this wedding movie is how all of us can relate so much the characters!


Father of the Bride

What’s not to love about a dad who can’t seem to get this whole ‘wedding’ thing right? You have to adore the man who wants his daughter to be happy, is overwhelmed by her wedding, and struggles to keep it all together.

Oh the things that can (and do) go wrong!

This is a fun, classic, well-loved favorite that you have to watch just for the sake of being nostalgic over the whole process of planning the wedding.


What is YOUR favorite wedding movie?

There are SO many others we didn’t even get to. The Hangover, Runaway Bride, and the Wedding Planner come to mind, of course!

Tell us in the comments below what your favorite is!