What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

You’re engaged (CONGRATULATIONS) and now the preparations have begun.  Some people know right away, every detail.  Other people may know only a few things they want, possibly have some sort of vision.  There are even those who are happily clueless and unprepared.  In any situation, with any type of couple, there is always room for a wedding planner.  You may ask yourself, exactly what does a wedding planner do?  You’re not alone in that thought, and Blue Linden Weddings and Events, your full service wedding and event planner, is here to shed light on what we can do for you.


While we are a full service wedding and event planner, we also offer varying degrees of our services to meet whatever needs you may have.  We can be there from zero hour through the honeymoon, we can come in and help for only certain aspects throughout the planning process, or we can be day-of-coordinators. If you’re now wondering what a “day-of-coordinator” is, again, you’re not alone.  The term itself is a bit misleading; a day-of planner tends to join-in a month or two before the actual date. In this scenario, the client would come to us with a wedding already planned, and we would then make sure the day, and those leading up to it, run as smoothly as possible.

If a comprehensive list of everything we do as a full service wedding and event planner is what you’re after, that will be very hard to compile because what we do is determined by what you need.  However, some things you may not be aware that we take care of are:

  • Sharing our knowledge of and connections with local and original venues, vendors (florists, photographers, etc), rentals (linens, chairs, etc), dance/etiquette instructors, etc

  • Being your eyes, ears, hands, and voice in every aspect, even including negotiations on pricing and details in contracts

  • Creating/organizing master plans, timelines, meetings, etc. for anyone you want included

  • Handling printed material: Save-the-dates, wedding invites, programs, menus, etc. We’ll handle the style/wording, printing, and even the addressing, stamping, and mailing off

  • Being your liaison in any situation (like when you just can’t handle your mom trying to push those hideous flowers on you for another second)

  • All things wedding-day: setting-up/breaking-down, deliveries, paying/tipping, handling emergencies, coordinating timing, wrangling people, stifling nerves, and much more

  • Making your “to-go” bag and having it waiting in your vehicle at the end of the night; or having your bag waiting in the bridal suite that we’ve prepared and catered to your tastes

  • Packing up and taking care of all personal items and wedding gifts after the day is done

  • Planning and organizing all honeymoon and travel plans

If you’re still wondering, “what does a wedding planner do,” and want even more insight into the wedding planning world, here’s some additional, more personalized information from Blue Linden owner and operator, Wanda.

When a potential client first approaches you, what is the first thing you ask about?

It depends, but I usually ask either “How did you and your fiance meet” or “How long have the two of you been together?” I want to make this process as personal and intimate as possible, even from the first moment we meet.

Some people feel that a wedding/event planner is a waste of money in an already expensive experience. What would you say to those people?

Everyone needs help from time to time. This is typically the most important day in a couple’s life, up to that point. Why wouldn’t you hire a professional to take the stress off your shoulders? Do you really want your caterer, florist, guests texting you asking questions while you’re spending time with those closest to you? OR would you rather truly live in the moment? In addition to taking care of the “business matters,” I also take care of the things you just can’t or don’t want to plan for. I pride myself on working within a couple’s budget, whether big or small. We sit down and design a package together. Over the years, I’ve developed ways to help every couple cut costs. Because I work with other wedding professionals, they offer my clients discounts as a courtesy for my referral. Additionally, I have wholesale accounts, saving couples hundreds of dollars - I know where to shop, who to talk to, and how to save money.

What is the best thing a client can do for herself during the event planning process?

The best decision a couple can make is to not procrastinate on making the guest list. Putting the guest list together in the beginning will save a lot of frustration and time later on. The number of people on the guest list will determine if your budget for your dream wedding is realistic.

What is the worst thing a client can do for herself during this process?

Assuming that planning a small wedding is significantly easier and less time consuming than a big wedding. A couple has the same number of decisions to make whether there are 40 guests or 400. For example, you still need to decide on when and where to get married, what to serve, who to invite, your choice of vendors, etc.

Do you have a favorite part during the planning process?

Building a bond with the bride so she feels a friendship between us, not just a business relationship. I love when my bride truly knows that she can count on me, confide in me, and complain to me. I want every bride to KNOW that she can relax on her wedding day because she trusts me.

Can you clue readers into any insider tips?

Other than hiring a wedding coordinator, my biggest insider information is don’t worry about what tradition dictates or what people think you should do. Every couple should plan their wedding according to what they want, what they envision. You can’t please everyone, so why not please yourselves? It is YOUR day!

What does a wedding planner do? We hope we help you plan, experience, and carry out every one of your desires for the best day of your life. No matter the degree to which you need our help, Blue Linden strives for lasting relationships with each and every one of our clients, and we can’t wait to add you in there, too.