Wedding Do's and Don'ts

Wedding Do's and Don'ts

Typically, we aren’t in the habit of telling people what to do (unless we’re helping to plan and coordinate your wedding), but sometimes you need a little bit of outside perspective for those big moments in your life. In the spirit of providing expert tips, suggestions, and insight, your Denver wedding and event planner Blue Linden Weddings and Events has a list of some Wedding Do’s and Don’ts that you might have overlooked for you to peruse and potentially incorporate into your big day.

Pre-Wedding Considerations


Embrace this:

  • Involve the groom

  • Practice walking in your wedding shoes!

  • Have back-up plans for things that could drastically impact your day (and in turn, your mood).

  • Go on a last “unmarried” date before the big day.

  • Spin around with each other before the “first dance.” If you’re not a big dancer, you’ll still want to look like you’ve actually done this before!

  • Hire vendors/people you like! You’ll be spending a considerable amount of time with them and if you don’t vibe, the whole day will be centered around your annoyance or anger.

  • Include the wedding location on the save-the-dates.


Avoid this:

  • Don’t let family members or monetary contributors overwhelm and influence what you want for your wedding day. Have the wedding YOU want and make sure it reflects you and your future spouse’s style.

  • Wedding registry information on invitations is a little tacky. It’s best to steer clear of this; instead, have bridesmaids/mothers share the information via bridal shower invitations/announcements or by word of mouth.

  • Try not to go over the top with DIY projects. Not only will you overwhelm yourself, but you may end up just wishing for it to be over with and not enjoy the build-up. In some cases, you may even spend more money, if you factor in the time and effort it takes to do all those things you see on pinterest.

  • Put down the tweezers! Lay aside the wax strips! Step away from that new skin cream! Just say no to that expensive, super-duper awesome face wash! Don’t get crazy with the plucking and the trimming and the yanking and the scrubbing the week/day/night before your wedding. You’ll have burns, bumps, redness, or other potential horrors.

Don’t be cheap with your wedding party gifts.

Day-of Contemplations

Embrace this:

  • Seat older guests farther from speakers and musicians.

  • Ask the important people in your life to walk with you down the aisle, not just your mom and/or dad. Get both families up and walk hand-in-hand, either at the beginning of the ceremony or after they announce you husband and wife.

  • Get a videographer! Not only will you want to relive those moments and catch glimpses of loved ones who will eventually pass away, but your future kids may want to see life before they came around.

  • Eat!!! Dig into those hors d’oeuvres you painstakingly chose. Enjoy the coursed meal you so thoughtfully put together. Get a huge hunk of that delicious cake you spent hours choosing.

  • Take lots of silly photos before, during, and after.

  • Take it all in. Find a moment with just you and your spouse to see all the love and happiness in the people that came to celebrate you!


Avoid this

  • Scheduling a huge block of time between ceremony and reception can be a bit of an inconvenience for guests who wish to experience the entire event. Consider planning them in the same location or close to one another. If it’s unavoidable, provide transportation, a cocktail service, or somewhere fun for them to go while they wait.

  • Stay away from electronic devices and social media. Yes you may encourage your guests to post to a predetermined hashtag and tag you in all their individualized snapshots, but you shouldn’t waste a second of your big day behind any lens or screen, only in front of it.

  • Every wedding has a bride-zilla moment (or two), but don’t spend your day stressing and freaking out over small things. Let someone else (a family member, bridesmaid, or wedding planner) handle the problems and you spend your time enjoying yourself.

  • Cash bar. Just don’t.

  • Step away from the booze! Don’t drink too much - a sloppy, drunken bride or groom is not something you’ll want to be reminded of for the rest of your life.

Post Wedding Deliberations

Embrace this:

  • Remember to send thank-you notes to everyone.

  • Book a date night (in your new name!) for the week after your honeymoon.

  • Repeat your wedding vows to one another when you have a nice quiet moment.

  • Review your vendors on the internet (both good and bad). Their services are fresh in your mind and depending on their performances, you’ll be doing them or their potential clients a huge favor.

  • Have lots and lots of sex!

Avoid this:

  • Don’t wait too long to clean and/or preserve your wedding dress!

  • Putting off creating your wedding album will turn into a tucked-away box of photos five, ten, fifteen years and a couple kids later.

  • Forgetting to add that beautiful, expensive diamond ring to your insurance will end up being a bad decision if anything ever happens to it!

  • Down with debt! Don’t start your wedding off arguing over the cost of that wedding and how you’ll pay it off! Make a financial plan and avoid the strain.

  • Baby-obsession is a real thing. Don’t rush it! Enjoy your newlywed-dom and be a married couple before rushing into adding kids to the mix!

Which of our wedding do’s and don’ts do you agree/disagree with? Are you considering any other things for your big day? Do you have questions about something you may or may not want to incorporate in your own wedding? Let us know!