What Every Bride Should Know

What Every Bride Should Know

While planning your wedding, have you gotten that feeling that you’re a little out of loop? Maybe you’re convinced that there’s some secret “wives” club with valuable information that they just won’t share until you’re officially out of the fiancé stage. Perhaps there’s a list of what every bride should know hiding somewhere, and you don’t even know what you’re missing out on. After searching for all the wedding insight we could find, your Denver wedding and event planner Blue Linden has decided to unleash the planning tips and and wedding knowledge that’s a little less well-known with hopes that they aid in your wedding preparation and put your mind at ease (pssst… there is no secret club or list, but we decided to poll our facebook friends and searched the internet for helpful and firsthand advice just for you).

In the stage before the actual “I do,” some of the best advice came in the form of wedding planning tips:

The guest list doesn’t matter as much as you think it will… so just relax. Chances are you’re not going to worry about that one bit on the big day or after. - Avery


I think that stressing over who is actually in the wedding is silly. Friends come and go, but family is forever, and in my opinion, those memories are meant to be shared by those you’ll keep in touch with… those are the people that should be your witnesses. - Donna


Everyone will have advice, someone will inevitable be hurt… it’s your day, do it your way. Others don’t matter for that one day in your life. - Terry


Hire a wedding planner! - Rachel


Don’t skimp on the photographer/videographer. Pictures and memories are the only things that last forever. Be sure you get good ones. - Ray

You won’t please everyone. It’s your day, do what you want. - Teresa

The “day-of” wedding knowledge is splashed out there for all to find, but not everything is top notch. So we sifted through and in our opinion, here’s what every bridge should know about the wedding day itself:

All the time I spent worrying if people were enjoying themselves made me forgot to enjoy myself! Step back and savor the moment. - Meg


Be prepared for all kinds of emotions. I didn’t anticipate how difficult and emotional it would be to navigate my family's’ feelings on top of my own. - Julie


Don’t forget to spend time with your groom! With so many people to talk to it can be easy to lose track of each other! - Amanda


If something goes wrong, you’re surrounded by people who are there to help so don’t panic! - Leigh


Have your caterer pack up a “late-night snack,” for you and your groom. More than likely you won’t have time to eat, what with your tight dress and packed schedule, and by the time you’re in the hotel, you’ll be starving. Get hors d'oeuvres, main course, and even cake! - Samantha


Don’t overdo it on the perfume! Don’t overdo it on the makeup! Don’t overdo it on the hair! Your almost-husband wants to marry YOU so just be a classier, more finely tuned version for your big day! - Jenny


I’m so bummed that we didn’t hire a videographer! I’d love to be able to go back and relive those memories as if we were right there. - Amber

As a couple, speak up! Tell your guests how much you appreciate them being a part of your lives and your big day and it will mean a lot more than the toasts by the best man and maid of honor, - Denise

Do a first look! Not only do you get a moment to see each other first, before anyone else, but you can fully let the moment sink in and emotions be fully expressed. - Leah


Kiss your husband as many times as you can that day (and always)! - Megan

Don’t pick a first dance song that will make you break out in tears! Even if you love it, do you really want everyone capturing that moment with mascara running down your cheeks? - Natalie

At long last, the day has come and gone and now it’s on to life after marriage… but first let there be a wedding night and honeymoon! What every bride should know about the moments to follow the big day include wedding insight that’s sure to be helpful:

Go on your honeymoon immediately! After the craziness of a wedding weekend, it’s nice to just relax. - Lori


If you’ve changed your name, don’t get offended if someone accidentally slips up and calls you by your maiden name. Some people need a little more time than others to adjust! - Mary


Don’t stress over wedding-night sex! You’ve had an exhausting day and you don’t want to do it just because it’s expected of you and then find yourself too tired to fully enjoy the experience! Do what feels right for you as a couple! - Renee


Let him carry across the threshold, whether that be to your new home, a hotel, or the apartment you’ve been sharing for three years! It’s supposed to be good luck, will be fun, and make him feel manly! - Diana

Have someone help you out and prepare the room for a romantic getaway. Have good smells, candles lit, your favorite tunes playing, and a warm, relaxing bath waiting for you two. - Michelle

Do you concur with Blue Linden's list of what every bride should know? Has it been helpful to you in your wedding planning haze? Anything we should add that you think would be exceptionally helpful or was there something here that has completely made your day to discover it? Tell us your thoughts! Comment below, message us on social media, or contact us in person - we always love hearing from you!