Why You Should Hire a Videographer for your Colorado wedding

When I plan beautiful weddings in Colorado, I often get to spend a lot of time with couples both before and after the wedding. 

I like to ask my couples both what their biggest wedding bummer was, and what about their wedding ended up being an unexpected favorite thing! 

Over the years the answers have run the gamut from regrets about the guest list, to being absolutely thrilled with the choice to splurge on a S'mores bar.

What is more, is that it always surprises me how many people bring up videography in their answers. 

"We really wish we had hired a videographer. The only video we have of our vows is from my Aunt's cell phone, and she should have been enjoying our wedding, not using her phone!"

I love working with wedding videographers and can give you some great recommendations for your Colorado wedding; make sure to read through and get in touch. I'm happy to answer questions!

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding


1. Your Wedding is One Day

You'll hear this over and over, but there is a lot of truth to the fact that your wedding will be over before you even get a chance to breath. 

It is often at the reception when couples finally feel like they can stop for a moment, and at that point, the day is almost gone. 

Your wedding day is full of incredible events, and each one ends up finding a spot in your memories. Getting ready the morning of the wedding, and the anticipation of stepping into the dress. Saying vows to your partner. Greeting guests that are special and who have travelled far. 

It's memory after memory after memory. Your photographer will do a great job (If you need some recommendations for amazing Colorado wedding photographers, send me a note!) but can't be everywhere at once. 

Your videographer will be able to document not only the sights of your wedding, but the overall feel. The buzz of wedding guests who can't wait to see you walk down the aisle. The way your partner taps his thumb when he's nervous. The smile he gave to his Best Man, when they spent a moment laughing about the day you met. 

All of these things small moments are amazing reasons to hire a videographer for your Colorado wedding!


2. Modern wedding videography is nothing short of cinematic masterpiece

Videographers have not only kept up with the modern aesthetic, but forged far ahead! 

If you think that hiring a videographer means a guy showing up with a messy polo shirt, a huge VHS recorder, some giant lighting gear, and a pile of cheesy old school tricks, think again. 

All of the Colorado wedding videographers that I recommend are solid professionals with an eye for detail, movement, and moment. 

Through lighting, scene, and editing they are able to create video reels that look and feel cinematic, romantic, and authentic. 

Some videographers even use drones to photograph your venue from up high, showing off the whole scene in a dramatic and stunning way! 

3. Your videographer can record your vows, the toasts, and the first dance

The words you share with each other at your ceremony, the toast your father gives tearfully over a glass of champagne, and the sound of your first dance song are all sentimental wedding moments that a photograph just can't quite capture. 

Imagine having a beautiful video of your vows, as you said them, as your guests heard, to share with each other and with family in the future. Those words are the reason for the day, and hiring a videographer for your wedding will make sure that they are well documented. 

As my client mentioned before, having a videographer record your wedding also means that your family and friends can put their phones down and celebrate with you! 


4. Videography can fit your budget

While there are some incredible wedding videographers who offer full-day packages and cinematic trailers, there are some who offer beautiful video and smaller packages with a simple approach. 

Send me a note if you want more information on finding a Colorado wedding videographer that suits your needs and budget. 

You can actually hire some wedding videographers to come for just a few hours. This may be a surprising bonus option if you don't have the funds to essentially double your overall photography budget. 


5. Your family & friends mean the world to you

Nobody says that you have to send your videographer around to 'interview' your guests and record well-wishes  (though, many videographers are happy to do this), but there is some truth to the fact that your wedding is essentially a family reunion. 

Images of these people you love so much is amazing, but video is even better. Many people will tell you that the wedding day is often the last day that they ever saw an elderly family member who had travelled far to be there. Imagine having her captured on video as she held your hand and gave you marriage advice on your wedding day!  

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If you need more advice on why you should hire a videographer for your Colorado wedding, or if you are looking for professional Colorado wedding videographers and want some honest recommendations, send me a note!

I offer day-of and full-service wedding planning in Colorado, and love working with couples who believe in the inspiring and beautiful memories of the wedding day as we do! Click here to get in touch, and if you have a moment, leave us a comment too!

My favorite Colorado wedding videographers

These are the videographers that I love working with at Colorado weddings. Make sure to let them know that I recommended them to you! 

Michael Miller – Sun Prairie Films, www.sunprairiefilms.com

Chris Bramley – Majestik Films, www.majesticfilms.com

Lisa Mares – Mares Video Productions, www.maresvideoproductions.com

Kristy Paolucci – Tea Light Studios, http://tealightstudios.com