Planning a True Colorado Wedding

Planning a True Colorado Wedding

Blue Linden is always ready for whatever adventure awaits us in any locale, but we can’t deny our roots and our speciality - Colorado weddings! Planning a true Colorado wedding can be an exciting undertaking, especially if you’re willing to embrace what this beautiful state has to offer. The Knot says it best: “Whether you're a native Coloradoan, marrying into a Colorado-based family or simply in love with the Centennial State, this beautiful state offers many opportunities to create an ideal wedding day.”

The best part about planning a true Colorado wedding is the venue options! While you can always go traditional routes (churches, ballrooms, golf courses, mansions, etc), the outdoor possibilities are bountiful and beautiful! Choosing an outdoor option for your Colorado wedding means focusing on the aesthetic already around you and saving money in the decor department (which means you can spend it elsewhere). You can select unique locations that reflect your personal style or that provide a “Wow Factor” for your guests. Whether that be on a mountainside overlooking a valley, a flowing river alongside a rustic barn, a huge desert amphitheater showcasing natural rock formations, or smackdab in the middle of modern downtown Denver, anything you can imagine can be found in Colorado.

When planning a true Colorado wedding, you’re lucky to have a place that provides you four, full seasons to choose from, each one with its own special offerings. While winter weather can vary, you will get snow at some point, some higher elevations getting more than 300 inches every year, with temps between 15-50 degrees; there are even some places at higher elevation that receive snowfall almost all year-round. Spring offers a wonderful middle ground, between 25-65 degrees. Summer gets up into the 90s on rare days, and autumn has the largest gap in temperatures between 20-70 degrees. Every season offers its own remarkable foliage that can fit any style or taste.

Colorado is a busy place, so when choosing it for your location, bear in mind some important dates to avoid so that you and your guests miss out on the abundant traffic, increased pricing, and hotel overbookings. According to The Knot, in addition to major holidays and personal days of significance, sidestep these times of year for your Colorado wedding:


  • Wintersköl, Aspen (Mid-January)

  • Winter Park Winter Carnival, Winter Park (February)

  • PaddleFest, Buena Vista (May)

  • Boulder Creek Festival, Boulder (May)

  • Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluride (Mid-June)

  • Cherry Creek Art Festival, Denver (Early-July)

  • Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, Denver (Late July)

  • Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off, Colorado Springs (Late-August through Early-September)

  • Colorado State Fair, Pueblo (Late-August through Early-September)

  • Denver Oktoberfest, Denver (Mid- to Late-September)

  • Great American Beer Festival, Denver (Mid-October)

A Colorado wedding couldn’t be called as such if it’s not on trend. And Colorado is a definitely a trend-setting place. We’re talking: locally-sourced menu items and regional flavors, receptions filled with live music, bud bars/weed weddings, personalized and handcrafted special touches, a focus on sustainability and going green, leaning towards atypical floral options, animal-friendly, highlighting metallics and bolder colors, and opting for a full-weekend adventure instead of a single-day celebration - just to name a few. Not every Colorado wedding can be called “hipster” or “bohemian,” but most people planning a true Colorado wedding are influenced in some way by these unique trends (and many others) that are distinctive to Colorado.

This is by no means a fully complete list of everything you’d need to know about planning a true Colorado wedding, but it’s certainly a good start. For all you could need to know, rely on top-notch Colorado wedding professionals to get you all the essential information. Having knowledgeable and Colorado-forward wedding experts on your team, you may find yourself in the essential Centennial State headspace: stress-free (Boulder, CO was ranked #1 in the “least-stressed” citizens of the U.S). Reach out to us for any of your Colorado wedding planning needs by using the social media buttons below - we ALWAYS love hearing from you!