How to Dress for an Engagement Session - Colorado Weddings

I highly recommend making sure you add an engagement session to your photography package.

Not only are they super fun, but they are an opportunity for you as a couple to gain confidence in front of a professional camera! As a wedding planner, I love that because it means you have more energy to spend celebrating, and less used up worrying about the often-awkward feeling of being photographed all day.

Your wedding photographer will be able to share some tips regarding what to wear to the engagement session as well, so make sure to check in with them before shopping the mall (or your closet)!

Read on for some of my own tips!

How to Dress for an Engagement Session

This should go without saying, but the most important part of planning your engagement session attire is to be yourself!

Just as you may have been working to choose your wedding day attire, the engagement session should be a reflection of your best you.

Tip #1: There is NOTHING wrong with a t-shirt and jeans!

In general, darker denim photographs best. Ditch your worn out sneakers and use the opportunity to replace them with a new pair of cute flats, sandals, or chucks.

For t-shirts, avoid logos. You may also want to avoid distracting sayings that might become the focus of your final image.

The exception to that, however, would be cute shirts used as props for fun staged photos. (Example, check out this adorable t-shirt set I found on Etsy!).

Tip #2 - Be Comfortable

If you have to tug your skirt, hike up your jeans, or constantly readjust your top that’s a good sign that things are not fitting correctly (and thus, likely not flattering either)!

You want to be able to sit, stand, kneel, bend, and dance in the outfits you choose. If you cannot do that comfortably, your frustrations will show up on camera!

Take a trusted friend to help you choose outfits, somebody who will be honest about whether or not something looks truly effortless on you.

I also highly recommend heading to Nordstrom for a proper bra fitting. A majority of new brides are actually wearing the wrong size bra; a professional fitting is free and not as awkward as you might imagine.

Tip #3 - Break up Busy Patterns

Stripes, florals, and fun patterns are great, but not when it’s the only thing the eye can see.

Busy prints and patterns quickly become the focus of an image, leaving you in the dust!

On the other hand, thoughtfully used patterns can camouflage anything you are less-than-confident about.

Look for ways to break it up by using solid accessories (boots, bags, cardigans, scarfs) or by using the print as the accessory to spice up a solid-colors look.

Tip #4 - Coordinate Effortlessly

There is a fine line between being ‘matchy-matchy’, and coordinating in a visually appealing way.

Look for ways to coordinate not just with overall style, but with color.

Here are some really great color combinations:

Yellow + Blue
Green + Brown
Teal + Ivory
Brown + burgundy

Look also towards the location you have chosen for your session, and the style of your photographer. Are you going for dark and moody, or light and airy?

Tip #5 - Accessorize for the camera & add layers

The camera LOVES bold statements. While a tiny locket is beautiful, you won’t likely see much of it in your actual photos. Be aware of this and if the accessories are important to you, chose something that will make a statement.

Layers can also help add interest and texture to your outfits, and allow you to quickly ‘change your look’ as well!

Most of all, HAVE FUN!

I hope today’s blog post was helpful to you. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Colorado, I have a few recommendations for my clients as well, so feel free to reach out!