Hair Styles for the Modern Bride

Today I’m thrilled to share some bridal-hair inspiration with a few popular looks for the modern bride.

The beautiful thing about inspiration is that you have room to run with it and make it your own! Chat with your hair stylist about what will look best not only with your gown, but with your face and overall bridal look.

I personally find it so important that your wedding day is a true reflection of you, and your bridal hair style is a great place to express yourself.

The Polished Pony

This relaxed look is perfect for the bride who is just as comfortable in Hayley Paige as she is in a t-shirt and jeans.

Dress it up with a blingy headband, or go with a more natural look and celebrate the outdoors with some wildflowers.

Don’t despair if you have a notoriously thin ponytail at home. Your stylist can add extensions and nobody will ever know the difference!

Photography by  New Concept Photography,  Hair by  In Motion

Photography by New Concept Photography, Hair by In Motion

The Headband Updo

This beautiful bridal up-do is sweet, romantic, and a little fun.

A sparkling, custom headband can help keep those bangs tucked away, which is especially helpful if you are concerned about wind.

Search Etsy for a headband that speaks to you. Nothing is off limits, even one made with fresh flowers or rainbow beads.

Bold & Colorful

Nobody says you can’t be yourself on your wedding day.

This gorgeous aqua ombre pony is full of personality and so much fun, too.

If bold colors and expression are more your style, run with it! I absolutely love when my couples choose to express themselves, and your bridal hair and attire are one of the most important places to choose authenticity on your wedding day.


If you are looking for a way to leave your hair down as a bride, this look is always a winner. A few simple waves can be adorned with a flower crown, headband, or small barrette.

If you are anticipating a lot of wind and would prefer to keep your hair perfect (hey, mountain top brides, I’m talking to you!) this look may not be for you. If you choose to go this route anyways, then live it up!

Let your hair blow in the breeze and become a part of your romantic wedding day.

Image by Keri Gehi Photography

Image by Keri Gehi Photography

Polished Curls

This look is a little more formal and perfect for the bride that wants to be polished but still feel like herself on the day of the wedding.

Good product and some tight curls off the barrel lead the way; chat with your stylist about how to prepare for this look (you may need to not wash your hair the morning of) and keep it looking fresh and perfect all day long.


The Romantic Updo

Soft curls pinned into a bun create this traditional bridal look, and the possibilities are endless.

Part your hair on the side and leave some bangs out, or polish it up by keeping the front smooth leading into a perfectly sculpted bun. Set the bun to the side, the nape of your neck, or up high.

Add a sentimental brooch, some flowers, or leave it plain. A good stylist can make sure this style is set for the day, so you can party and not worry once if your hair is holding up!


The Veil

A veil of any kind can work with any hair style you come up with.

Make sure you have your veil with you when you do a trial with your hair and makeup artist. They may have some fantastic ideas to frame your face, and you’ll get to see the whole look come together.

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