Gift Ideas for Groomsmen - Planning a Wedding in Colorado

Your groomsmen will be playing an important role at your wedding…while it’s certainly going to be SUPER fun to have them around, their purpose ultimately is to stand at the altar in support of your marriage.

As a wedding planner, I’ve seen my fair share of groomsmen (and grooms-ladies too!). I really believe that it’s important to honor their contribution not just to the wedding, but to your life.

You’ve invited them to be a part of your wedding for good reason, so today I’m sharing a few great, unique groomsmen gifts that will WOW them.

Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

Perhaps the most traditional, and popular groomsmen gift idea is what I call the ‘guy box’.

Often included:

-A tie (to wear at the wedding

-Socks (sometimes FUN socks!)

-A flask (often engraved)

This is a great gift and a great sentiment. It’s popular, and traditional, for a reason! Etsy is a phenomenal resource for custom flasks, if you are looking to create a truly personal groomsmen gift box.

For some other fresh groomsmen ideas, read on!

1. A great bottle of local scotch or whiskey

Treat your groomsmen to a local distillery tour, and finish at the tasting bar by presenting each with a bottle of hand-crafted aged liquor and a custom decanter set (like this one on Etsy:

For an EXTRA personal touch, have each set engraved with a personal sentiment. Example: their own monogram and anniversary (in lieu of yours).

2. Art

Have a little fun and order each of your guys a caricature portrait. Take the final art to Michael’s Craft store, and have them framed for presentation.

Don’t forget to order one for yourself, too. It will be fun in 10 years to laugh about your super-fun, super-hero caricature portraits and where they hang in the house.

(Custom groomsmen caricature on Etsy:

Your groomsmen might also like these sound wave art prints, a literal play on the sound waves from your favorite song.

This one would make a great gift for the music-inclined groomsmen in your life, or to share if there is a song famous among your group.

3. A Day Out

Instead of things, take the guys out for a fun experience. This is great for bonding (especially if your groomsmen don’t really know each other), a fun diversion from stressful wedding plans, and may spark a new hobby!

Unser Racing offers super fast go-karts (up to 70MPH!), complete with printouts and stats following each ‘heat’ where you compete for the best scores.

You might also look to the skies, and take your groomsmen on a once-in-a-lifetime introduction to flying a helicopter or glider!

4. Custom Signs

There are thousands of options for custom signs, and they make a perfect unique groomsmen gift. Signs can be made in wood or metal. They can be used to advertise a business that they are proud to own, posted as a welcome entry to their ‘man cave’, or hung in their home as a celebration of their own marriage with their wedding date. You know your guys best, so order one that is personal to each.

Get creative! These custom wooden signs on Etsy are gorgeous:

5. Custom Ties & Bowties

Forget shopping at the menswear store! Order totally custom ties and bowties at the KNOTTY TIE in Denver, CO.

They can help you with unique ties and fresh designs, and you can even do something completely custom (just send them your ideas).

The Knotty Tie Company

6. Surprise them with an upgrade

Instead of ‘things’, consider upgrading their flight or hotel room.

If you have the budget, you might even consider paying for their wedding day attire.

They will LOVE the surprise bonus, and it’s a wonderful, simple gesture that says ‘you matter to me’.


I’d love to hear about YOUR unique groomsmen gift ideas! What did you give your groomsmen, or what have you been given that really impressed you?

Planning a wedding? I am a wedding planner, and can help you tie up all of the other ‘loose ends’ associated with putting together your big day. I hope this post inspired you to pick out some truly awesome groomsmen gifts!

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Wanda Bonner