Gift ideas for Bridesmaids - Unique Wedding Ideas

Last week I drummed up some really unique, memorable, and fun groomsmen gifts and posted them to my blog. I’m always looking for ways to inspire my couples!

(You can read that post HERE)

This week, we’re talking unique gift ideas for bridesmaids!

I’ve gone shopping and found some really beautiful and interesting things that will honor the contribution your bridesmaids are making to your wedding. My goal is to help you think outside of the box when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your bridesmaids (and possibly even your parents, flower girl, and more…)

Gift ideas for Bridesmaids - Unique Wedding Ideas

Let’s start out of the gate with the most common gifts I see for bridesmaids.

-Robes for the getting ready room
-Monogrammed wine & champagne glasses
-Necklaces and jewelry to wear at the wedding
-Scarves & Pashminas

These are all wonderful gifts and allow for a huge range of styles, which can be great for gift-giving to large groups.

If you are looking for some fresh ideas, read on! You might even want to go the traditional route as above, and add on one of these great gifts as a special treat. Anything goes. Make your girls feel loved and have fun with this!

1. Wine Tasting

Take your group for an afternoon touring a winery and tasting wine (or scotch/whiskey if that is more your speed!)

At the end of the tour, give each girl a bottle of their favorite wine, and a hand-written note about sharing it together at a future date.

See Colorado Winery Tours here:

2. Custom Art

Are your girls already married themselves? Have a gorgeous studio sketch made of their wedding gown.

Custom Gown Sketch:

You can take the finished sketch to Michael’s for custom framing, she will absolutely adore it and it’s something she will keep forever!

(Don’t forget to order yourself one, too).

3. Custom Signs

Order custom signs for each of your bridesmaids, with quotes that you love or their family/wedding established dates.

See beautiful custom farmhouse style signs here:

4. Custom Fragrance

Order them a custom fragrance package from WAFT.

They will get to select options and design a fragrance that is truly unique to them!

Gift this with enough time for them to finalize the order for the wedding, so all of your gals can share their custom scents with each other.

5. Jewelry Holders

As a bride, you know that you can’t have enough safe places around the home to put your engagement ring. Keeping a ring dish by the sink is one way to make sure the diamonds don’t go out with the dishwater!

This ring dish can be customized and makes a gorgeous and unique bridesmaid gift.

6. Upgrade their weekend

It’s no secret that it’s expensive to be a bridesmaid!

One way to knock out bridesmaid gifts and make their experience even better, is to upgrade their weekend when they come for the wedding.

Get them into a nicer hotel room/suite. Upgrade their flight to first class, or buy them some drink passes so they can have a glass of bubbly on the trip to your wedding. Pay for hair or eyelash extensions at the wedding, if it’s something they may love but not be ready to spend the money on.


What unique bridesmaid gift ideas have you come up with? Please leave a comment below and help other couples share beautiful and unique things with the people they love!

If you are planning a wedding in Colorado (or Cancun), send me a note! I am a wedding planner and would love to give you more ideas like these, and help you make the wedding of your dreams a reality.

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