Beautiful Ways to Honor Loved Ones at your Wedding Ceremony

Given that the spring-summer weddings season is literally right around the corner, I know that many of you are starting to tie up some of the ‘little details’ that will make your wedding extra special.

It can be particularly emotional to know that somebody you love may not physically be able to attend your wedding ceremony.

Just because they are no longer with us, or because they are obligated to something else and unable to attend (example, the Military), doesn’t mean they aren’t in your heart.

Today we are talking about special ways to honor loved ones who cannot be at your wedding ceremony in person (watch for a blog post on ways to honor loved ones who are with you at the ceremony, coming soon!).

Beautiful Ways to Honor Loved Ones at your Wedding Ceremony

Perhaps one of the most simple, and private ways to honor a loved one is to say a prayer or share some thoughts about them before the ceremony. Hear me out…I know this seems obvious, but setting aside a quite moment to reflect can really help make the day feel extra special.

Do this in private, with your partner-to-be, or with your family and the people who will be just as invested in this moment as you are. It is more than ok to do this in lieu of something shared in front of your wedding guests.

If you are looking for a tangible symbol or other way unique ways to honor loved ones at your ceremony, read on!

1. Look for something borrowed and something old.

These can be pins, jewelry, old photos, or even a pocket watch that may have belonged to and been special to the person you are missing. These tiny things won’t get in the way of your wedding day style (as a matter of fact, they may even match or enhance it!) and will be something grounding to look to when you are feeling emotional.

You can have a brooch or small photo tied to your bouquet or have the pocket watch become part of the overall look of a suit.

2. Along the lines of borrowed and old, consider using a piece of lace or linen from your loved ones own wedding attire.

Your seamstress may be able to incorporate the fabric into your gown, or at the very least sew a piece into your hem so that your loved one can be with you on your wedding day.

A tailor may even be able to re-fit a sentimental old jacket to be the perfect wedding day mens attire.

3. Look for readings

If the loved one you wish to honor had documented their own wedding ceremony, or has beautiful wording from a dedication or other important event, you might consider incorporating those words into your own wedding ceremony.

This can be an incredibly special way to honor somebody, and it’s one that we don’t see often!

4. Use flowers as symbolism

Incorporate a single stem of your loved ones favorite flower into your bouquet or boutonniere.

You can also carry a single rose or favorite flower down the aisle, and place it at the altar (this can be especially beautiful if the person you are missing would have stood in your ceremony).

5. Use a memory table or memory chairs

At the ceremony, set aside a chair for your loved one and set a beautiful framed photo of them there. When you walk down the aisle, stop and set a single rose there.

You might also set up a memory table at your reception, honoring people you love who couldn’t be there. Images, handwritten stories, and candles are a nice way to remember somebody you wish was there with you.

6. Speak up!

If you are comfortable with it, and it’s something important to you, get on the microphone. Share a story or a prayer honoring your loved one, so they can be close to the hearts of everybody attending your wedding.

Part of my job as a wedding planner is to make sure that these little details come together for you, so that you can spend your day celebrating without a care in the world.

Ready to get started? I plan weddings in Colorado, Cancun, and beyond and would love to hear from you!

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