Colorado Farm to Table Wedding Receptions Planning & Inspiration

'Farm to table' is one of the latest buzz words trending in the natural, organic, down-to-Earth space.

Colorado Farm to Table wedding receptions are unique, eco-friendly, and guest-friendly. They offer plenty of charm, a family style ambiance, and an abundance of colorful local foods.  

What does Farm to Table mean? It means locally sourced ingredients, fresh preparations, and quality chef-prepared foods. Think: a stunning Olathe corn salad with pickled sweet peppers and a touch of crumbled Queso Fresco.  

Farm to Table wedding receptions can be hosted indoors or out, however, for summer weddings the outdoor reception can be the perfect compliment to fresh, local food.

(Side-note, I am a wedding planner and can absolutely help you pull of the outdoor reception of your dreams, with a well-thought out weather plan in place too. Be sure to get in touch for more info, and read on for more Farm to Table wedding reception inspiration!)


Colorado Farm to Table Wedding Receptions Planning & Inspiration

The best place to start when planning your Colorado Farm-to-Table wedding is with your venue. Does locally sourced food and chef-inspired meals pair well with the venue you have chosen? 

It stands to reason that some of the gorgeous outdoor and farm style wedding venues in Colorado might be some of your top choices! 

A few that come to mind include:

Ya-Ya Farm and Orchard
Spruce Mountain Ranch
Blackstone Rivers Ranch
Private Homes & Ranches

There are so many more to choose from if you are looking to have an organic, outdoor, vintage, outdoors, or farm feel to your Colorado wedding!

Natural farm style wedding inspiration

When choosing decor for your farm to table wedding reception, choose pieces that are organic, natural, and better yet. . .local! Loose floral arrangements, wood, and linen fabrics can create a vintage, rustic, and yet still very polished and up-scale feel. 

Let the fresh, local food speak for itself! Focus on the ambiance of outdoor lighting, fresh air, and a beautiful, quiet space. 

Farm to table inspired apps are a great way to kick off your relaxed outdoor cocktail hour.

Consider hiring a solo guitar player to play for an hour and help create a relaxed backdrop for your guests. 

Examples of farm to table cocktail hour offerings:

Prickly pear margaritas

Make-your-own popcorn station with fresh local popped corn. Invite guests to create their own snack by topping their popcorn with a variety of farm-inspired toppings: dill-pickle seasoning, cinnamon & sugar, ranch or BBQ seasoning, fresh hand-made caramel sauce, small chocolates, and nuts.    

Grilled flatbread with sliced, macerated strawberries and mozzarella  

After cocktails, invite guests to family-style seating, handmade bread, and a simple salad of mixed local greens, crisp green apples, and a cider based dressing. 


Farm to table menus can be served buffet style or plated, though family style really fits the overall vibe! 

Guests can pass around dishes, and in doing so are encouraged to not only try things, but chat and mingle with others at the table. 

A few examples of family style farm-to-table entrees:

Marinated, grilled rainbow carrots

Colorado ranch-raised open range beef with rosemary & garlic butter

Fresh pasta with spinach, tomato, and a light cream sauce

Mashed sweet potato 

farm-to-table-wedding-natural reception_0062.jpg

Don't Forget Dessert!

A farm-inspired dessert bar is a welcome finish to a delicious meal, even for guests who may be too stuffed to eat another bite (there is ALWAYS room for dessert!).

farm-to-table-wedding-natural reception_0063.jpg

Colorado Farm to Table Wedding Reception Catering

Your best bet when planning a farm-fresh wedding reception menu is to chat with catering companies; taste their food, ask them about menu options, and start putting together something that you are really excited to serve your guests. I offer full-service wedding planning in Colorado; if you want some help navigating this, reach out now and I'd be happy to get you started. . .not only with planning, but through the daunting process of choosing and hiring catering and other vendors for your event!

There are many local chefs who focus on these types of menus and can assist with smaller events. For larger events, my favorite catering companies include:

Footers Catering

Three Tomatoes Catering

Occasions Catering

Looking for wedding planners in Colorado? I LOVE planning apps-only, farm-to-table, and other unique receptions and would be thrilled to hear about your day. Send me a note, I'll be in touch soon!