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You may or may not know this, but I have a great little spinoff of my wedding planning business in Cancun, Mexico. On white sandy beaches, surrounded by island breeze and palm trees, I plan incredible outdoor destination weddings on Isla Mujeres, the 'Island of Woman'. 

I am your personal connection to this incredibly romantic and beautifully diverse location; read on for more information on hiring a destination wedding planner for your beach wedding or elopement (or, if you are ready for more information, be sure to Get in Touch!)

Besame Beach Weddings in Cancun, Mexico


I absolutely love working as a destination wedding planner because it gives me an opportunity to bring my artistry and event skills to a fresh new space, and work with couples who truly want a relaxed and carefree wedding day.

Beach weddings at Isla Mujeres are laid-back and can be as adventurous, elegant, or romantic as you wish (or perhaps all three!). 

I invite you to travel on a golf cart with one of my preferred destination wedding photographers and enjoy a private moment during your destination wedding weekend on the rocky cliffs overlooking the turquoise waters. Colorado is gorgeous, of course, but you won't see this here! 


Isla Mujeres is just 5 miles long and 1/2 a mile wide, but don't let this tiny island fool you. It's rich in culture, Mayan history, and landscapes, making it one of the most unique destination wedding locations I can think of. It is truly an industry secret and sometimes I pinch myself that I get to be a part of it.

I absolutely LOVE my time on Isla Mujeres and look forward to going back every time I plan a wedding there. As a destination wedding planner, I can help you create the weekend of your dreams. I offer everything from basic elopement packages through full-service planning that will make this entire process both stress free and memorable. 

When you invite your friends and family to celebrate with you, they will be offered the opportunity to travel to a location that is anything but your 'typical beach wedding'. It is a treat for you AND for your guests. 


If the incredible landscapes and amazing culture aren't enough, here are just a few GREAT reasons to plan a destination wedding in Mexico!

  1. Destination weddings are easy to plan (remember, I'll be by your side and will take care of those pesky details for you) and focused on you as a couple.
  2. When you travel for your wedding, there is much less need to 'glam up' the location with expensive and massive decor installments. The landscape and beautiful resort amenities will provide nearly all of the beauty you need; anything else we add is to make it personal to you.
  3. Your guests will LOVE it. There is so much to explore and see that your destination wedding will no doubt become a great memory for the people you love.
  4. You will LOVE it! Imagine spending several days celebrating your wedding in a warm, tropical location. 
  5. With the correct paperwork (I can help you with this) your marriage will be recognized in the United States! 

Besame Beach Weddings - Destination Wedding Planning Pricing

A variety of options and customizations are available for you when you hire me to plan your Besame Beach wedding on Isla Mujeres!

Package details are available on my beach weddings website by clicking below. 

If you have questions about planning a beach wedding and are interested in more information, I would be happy to chat with you. Get in touch here!  


Beach Elopements & Vow Renewals in Mexico

Think outside of the box for your elopement or vow renewal!

I don't just plan destination weddings, I can also help you create an incredible weekend at Isla Mujeres for your small elopement or vow renewal (whether you choose to invite guests or not).  

Keep things simple, or glam it up with an incredible lace gown and island-inspired florals. Your elopement can be as simple or upscale as you wish; the sky is the limit and I would love to inspire you with fresh and unique ideas! 

I had no idea what it really takes to plan a wedding. Now I will always trust Wanda with any event I decide to plan in the future!

Ready for more? 

I don't just plan gorgeous destination beach weddings in Mexico, I have a thriving business right here in Colorado. If you are getting married and need help with anything from finding and choosing vendors through cleaning it all up at the end of your beautiful, long-awaited day, I'm your gal. 

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Send me a note to talk about packages (it may be more affordable than you think, even to get married in Mexico!).

Please, share a bit with me about your dream wedding day! I look forward to hearing from you.