Event Lighting and Special Effects

What You Need to Know About Event Lighting and Special Effects

One of the most overlooked details during the event planning process is lighting and special effects. These features are typically additional services offered in packages or as add-ons by many DJs and entertainment companies (like Blue LInden favorites Soundmaster Entertainment and Ignight Entertainment) - they offer light shows, digital projection, and more. To make it easier to choose what services you should have at your next event, here is some useful information and essential tips about event lighting and special effects.

To fully set the mood and provide a memorable experience, lighting and special effects are large influencing factors. Wow your guests with colored lights that coordinate with your event palette or project logos, pictures, or videos you’ve also referenced elsewhere in your decor. Another cool feature that can be offered are lights that automatically pulse and change with the beat of synchronized musical tracks - and these features don’t have to come at a costly price. Most DJ packages that come with additional DJ services, like basic lighting and special effects, are affordable and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

What you need to know about event lighting and special effects when it comes to terminology:

  • Uplighting: A trendy, popular lighting effect that’s created by placing fixtures on the floor and directing their light upward. An effective way to provide some visual drama to any event space.

  • GOBO: stands for “GOes Before Optics” and is a template that light shines through to project an image onto a chosen surface; they typically project monograms or logos

  • Color wash: used in a room or space to fill it with a specific shade of color or type of lighting. While uplighting highlights particular features within the angle of the beam, color washing transforms the total space, lighting the room with a color/light more evenly spread throughout.


Additional services that some vendors may offer when it comes to lighting and special effects could be things like slideshows, supplying fancy lighting fixtures (like chandeliers), hiring dancers, and more. It’s important to note that hiring a professional to take care of things like lighting and special effects ensures protection, safety, and a professional hand. Having the DJ act as a double vendor means there is an experienced person on hand to take care of any problems that may arise.


If there are ideas you want implemented for your event that you don’t see here, fully utilize the expertise of your wedding planner to find the perfect look or the perfect vendor to fulfil your desires! You can always reach out to us for any information by following the social media links below!