2017 Wedding Statistics

2017 Wedding Statistics

2017 Wedding Statistics

With 2018 well on its way, and your Colorado wedding planner already diving into the coordination of January nuptials, we found ourselves wondering how this year will compare to last. Specifically, what 2017 wedding statistics will this year change or mirror? With wedding stats gathered from various sources across the internet, as well as reflections from Blue Linden's own couples, we've set out a good overview of last year's weddings (with a few additional comparisons across the last few years as well).


Average Cost of U.S. Wedding (Excluding Honeymoon) in $10,000 increments

When it comes to the majority of Blue Linden couples, who mostly reside in Colorado, these numbers are a little higher for 2017 weddings. Littleton couples spend roughly $37,935, Boulder couples around $29,579, Colorado Springs couples average $25,877, and Denver couples hoover at $35,802 



Average Age of U.S. Couples on Wedding Day (Blue-Groom; Yellow-Bride)


Average Length of Engagement for U.S. Couples in Months

A lot of couples in recent years are cohabitating for longer periods before actually getting engaged, which cuts back on the amount of time between saying 'Yes!' and saying, 'I do!' AND also plays a large part in why couples are older now than 5 years ago.


In regards to 2017 wedding statistics in particular, there are additional interesting changes from previous trends, and some that have stayed the same over years and years. Here are the topics most pertinent to Blue Linden couples:

  • 2.4 million U.S. weddings take place on average every year (1 in 10 are same-sex couples!)
  • 21.2% of couples getting married choose destination weddings
  • Most popular month to get engaged: December
  • Most popular (and subsequently most expensive) months to get married: October & September
  • Average number of guys and gals in the wedding party: 10
  • Average number of guests: 140 (and typically 83% of invited guests show up)
  • Average cost of a wedding dress: $1,281
  • 89% of couples involve social media in the wedding planning process and on the big day itself


What do you think about these wedding statistics? How do they compare to your wedding planning process? Let us know by using the social media buttons below!

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