Weird Wedding Requests

Weird Wedding Requests

Weird Wedding

Have you been mulling over some strange details for your big day, thinking how crazy you might look to others if you actually incorporated one or two of those ideas? Well, you're not alone, and over the years, Blue Linden has had a fair share of weird wedding requests. And while we'll go to pretty much any length we can to make sure your day is exactly how you want it, sometimes the logistics just can't work out. And we know we're not alone. We searched all over for other oddball suggestions from brides and grooms to share with you to help put your mind at ease. Hey, it never hurts to ask, right?

"Can I ride my horse down the aisle?" (Luckily, It was an outside wedding.)

Father-of-the-Bride asked: "Can my wife and I renew our vows right before our daughter walks down the aisle? I'm already paying a fortune for everything, so let's get a bang for our buck."

Two words: Elephant Rides.

One bride asked: "Can I rent my wedding flowers? What will I do with them the day after?"

"Can our dog ride the ski lift?!"

Another bride requested that her wedding coordinator carry her from place to place so that her dress wouldn't touch the ground and get dirty.

"I'd like a bottle of vodka on each table so my guests can help themselves through out the night."

A couple getting married near an international airport requested that no flights pass overhead during their ceremony.

"Can we have a bud-tender?" (Something more common in places like Colorado where weed is legal. There are actually some venues where this is a possibility.)

"Do you have anyone that can watch my dogs during the reception?"

Another couple wondered: "Can we just borrow rings for the ceremony?" 

"We need a suggestion for a photographer or videographer who can ski so they can capture us as we ski downhill in our wedding attire."

An unprepared best man asked: "Can you write my speech?"

"Can you make it snow?' (Yes, this is a real weird wedding request).

Hot tip: If it's awkward for you, it's probably awkward for your wedding planner. Please don't ask your coordinator (or any other vendor) to deliver news to your significant other that you changed your mind and don't want to go through with the wedding.

Bear in mind that we meant it when we said, it never hurts to ask. We are definitely in the business of doing everything in our power to make your dreams reality. Don't feel out of place if you think your weird wedding requests will shock us - we've probably heard them before! Reach out to us using the social media buttons below and see what weird wedding requests we can actually fulfill for you! 

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