Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Wedding Guest Book Ideas


Some of the smallest details can be the most easily overlooked, but when given just a little attention, those things can be the most beautiful. When it comes to your wedding guest book, it's easy to simply go the traditional route. And while that's not a bad thing, with only a few extra moments of consideration, you can have an additional themed piece to tie those small reception details together. Check out Blue Linden's list of favorited wedding guest book ideas to get those creative juices flowing!



Choose postcards that are relevant to the theme, the bride and groom's interests, or anything you desire. Let the guests choose their favorite to sign and share their best wishes on. Even have a "mailbox" for them to place completed cards into.



Have a photobooth set up or a polaroid camera available for guests to snap selfies. After pasting a copy of the images in a book, ask them to share a sentiment or well-wishes for the bride and groom.




For a tablecloth wedding guest book, have guests write on desired cloth, then later embroider over their handwriting so it won't wash away.



An amazing idea for any music lover, and something easily displayed in the bride and groom's home together.




This wedding guest book idea would take a little more effort, but once created, guests would search for their names and circle! For some really awesome graphic designers to help out with this (and other ideas here) see our recent post about wedding stationary experts!



Encourage guests to find their favorite words in a dictionary, the most romantic line in a story you've chosen, or the most inspirational verse in a bible - then sign beside it for a wonderfully interactive wedding guest book idea.




Have a quilt already compiled, or simply the squares you'll sew together - then ask guests to sign a section with a non-washable fabric pen/marker.



A wedding guest book idea perfect for the couple overcome with wanderlust is a globe, map, or atlas. Guests find the spot they think the bride and groom should travel to and jot down their love and happiness to them.




Set-up a photo area and have guests write their words of wedding wisdom down - then snap a photo for the bride and groom to put into a keepsake album.




In the age of technology, embrace the times and have guests record their wedding guest book entry instead of writing one down.



For a truly useful wedding guest book idea, have guests sign their name in a calendar on their birthday!




An exceptionally great idea if you have a holiday-themed or holiday season wedding, have guests draw a design, sign their names, or write best wishes on ornaments for the bride and groom to hang on their Christmas tree every year!



Other than it being a super unique wedding guest book idea, the bride and groom can go through the happy words as they assemble the puzzle together!

We hope you've loved our favorite wedding guest book ideas and have found something totally unique to implement in your big day! Share your thoughts and comments on these ideas and more by reaching out to us using the social media buttons below!


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