Grooming the Groom

Grooming the Groom

Whether they are high or low maintenance on the daily, every groom deserves to be just a little bit pampered on his wedding day (or leading up to it)! If you are a groomsman, a mom, or a soon to be spouse, make sure your groom is well taken care of with one or more of these treats.


Your wedding day is not the day to let your groom use his old beat up razor that inevitably will leave him covered in band aids. A beautiful shave kit from sites like will make sure your husband to be is neat and trim and feeling unstoppable.

Spa Day

Manicures and massages aren’t just for the ladies. If your groom is one who would enjoy some real TLC, get them a gift card to a spa for a deep tissue massage, or get his hands ring ready with a clear coat manicure. Even though some won’t admit it, most men would LOVE a spa day like this!


Groom Worthy Gifts

Brides put so much effort into their wedding day “look,” from the dress to the veil to the accessories. Don’t leave your groom looking less than, personalize his look with custom pocket squares, ties, and socks! Knotty Tie Co. customizes pieces to show off your groom’s favorite hobbies, treats, or places! Get your planner involved in the decision making, because we just so happen to be able to get you a discount!


Does your groom have an affinity for cuban cigars? Is he a local beer fanatic? There are lots of creative companies for hire that can cater to your groom in his suite while he is waiting to walk down the aisle! Get him a custom cigar roller or bartender or any other number of services!


Sweet Treats

The hours leading up to the wedding can be long and tiring, give your groom an extra boost with some custom treats or an entire gift basket of edible goodies! We live in an era where just about anything can be printed on a cookie or cake and custom bags and bottle labels are a no brainer! Plus, nobody likes a hangry groom (or groomsman)!


Now get out there and start planning the ways you are going to pamper YOUR groom!