Creative Wedding Favors

Creative Wedding Favors

It can be quite disappointing to take your time painstakingly choosing a thoughtful wedding favor to find out that none of your guests actually appreciated it. While there’s nothing wrong with traditional or common wedding favor ideas, they can become stale and overused when in fact it’s an amazing opportunity to show your crafty, fun, or tasty side. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite creative wedding favors to serve as suggestions or inspiration for your big day, and we hope you find something that fits you perfectly.

Anything Edible

When it comes to creative wedding favors, anything that can be eaten definitely takes the cake (pun fully intended). Setting up candy or cookie buffets for guests to take as little (or as much) as they want makes it interactive and ensures that what they get is what they desire!


Anything Drinkable (especially if there’s booze in it)

Let’s be real, free alcohol - I’m in! Creative wedding favors that can go down smoothly and taste delicious are always fan favorites.



Succulents are eco-friendly… oh and they’re cute. There are also these cool things called ‘seed paper,’ which can house anything from pretty flowers to full-blown evergreens. If you’re really feeling innovative, let them double as place cards (as can other items on this list as well).

plants2 (1).png


When it comes to modern, creative wedding favors, we vote for tattoos. You can find places that will create custom temporary tattoos for differing prices. You could even set up a tattoo station for your guests to deck themselves out. If you’re really daring, and so are your guests, you could even find a tattoo artist that will come and ink your guests (for real!) for a few hours time!


Themed Items

Think flip flops or personalized shades for beach or summer weddings, homemade lip balms or hot cocoa kits for winter nuptials, or luggage tags for a travel theme, just as a few examples.


Stuff that smells good

Smell goods are anything from handcrafted, specially created soaps, candles, or oils, to a make-it-yourself potpourri or incense station. When it comes to creative wedding favors, the customizability of this option is practically endless!

smell good.jpg
smell good2.jpg
smell good3.jpg

Useful Things

Whether it’s due to the location (Cold? Here’s a shawl!) or simply something to help with the day-after-hangover, there are plenty of creative wedding favors that can double as something your guests might actually use.