Bachelor Party Ideas in Denver

I may not be a bachelor, but I work with a LOT of grooms and groomsmen. 

Traditionally, it’s the job of the Best Man to plan the bachelor party. This party is meant to be a celebration of the groom, to cheer him on in his final days as a single man. 

Some guys prefer a rowdier night-on-the-town approach, while others are looking for ways to keep things low-key. 

If you are helping to plan the Bachelor Party, take note of your groom! While it may be fun to push him out of his comfort zone, make sure to do so in a way that the event becomes a fond memory (not a reason for him to demote your position in the wedding party).  

Today I’m sharing some really fun and unique bachelor party ideas in Denver. Many of these ideas can be replicated anywhere, so make sure to check your local city as well! 

Groom + Groomsmen photo by   Libbie Holmes

Groom + Groomsmen photo by Libbie Holmes

Go for a Groom

Find a truly old-school barbershop, like Barbers of 1907, and kick off the festivities with grooming for the groom or bring the entire entourage and spend a few hours together in the salon. You can kick back, indulge in a trim and clean blade shave, and walk out feeling amazing for the night ahead. 

Denver has some fantastic ‘vintage’ barbershops that are bringing modern haircuts to the days when barbers were artists, and grooming was a social event.  

Get Lost Together

If you are planning a bachelor party in Denver with a smaller group and want a fun team-building event, look into escape rooms. Colorado has plenty of options, and this quick fun game is a great way to keep the evening full of fun surprises. 

At the Epic Escape, you can solve a conspiracy theory. At King’s Escape, you and your ‘rock band’ members can’t find your lead singer and must solve the puzzle before your concert that night. At Denver Escape, you can compete against a second team to fix a pipeline and restore power to an industrial steampunk city. 

Most escape rooms take about an hour. 

Weekend Away

For the outdoors-y groom, this unique bachelor party idea will be a hit. 

Book a cabin or luxury house somewhere and spend a weekend with the group hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, skiing, or lounging around. 

Long days in the sun followed by drinks (Moscow Mule, anyone?) and a campfire will make this a truly awesome way to celebrate with the groom who would rather avoid a ‘night on the town’. 

Paragon Lodging in Breckenridge offers several options, many of which within walking distance of shops and restaurants but still far enough away to truly ‘get away’.  

Beer Bus

The party bus and bar hopping have long been the ‘gold standard’ for bachelor parties. 

For something a little different, hop onto the Denver Brew Cruise and visit 3 microbreweries without ever needing a ‘designated driver’! 

They will take you around in their bus where you’ll get a tour and generous samples of some of Denver’s best beers. 

beer pour from keg

Dodge Ball

Remember playing dodge ball in middle school? 

Archery Games Denver has a modern twist, and if you are thinking arrows meets dodgeball, you are correct! 

If you want to plan something extra fun, choose the 20-person private game option and invite the bride and her bachelorette party to compete against you before both groups go their separate ways for the evening.

Go Karting

Go Karts for adults are NOT the slow loops around the track that you might remember from your childhood at Lakeside Amusement Park. 

Unser Karting offers an indoor race track where you can build your skills up and race each other for top speeds (yes, speed!). Beat the groom, beat the ring bearer or junior groomsman (yes, minors can participate as well, which makes this a fantastic inclusive event for mixed-age wedding parties), or just see how fast you can go. 

Groom and Groomsmen on the streets in Telluride, credit:

Groom and Groomsmen on the streets in Telluride, credit:

All of these ideas are meant to be a jumping-off point for you to plan your epic Bachelor party! 

When you are planning the bachelor party, communicate with the other groomsmen. 

Everybody can chip in to help cover costs, but it’s also important that nobody is made to feel overwhelmed by even more wedding-related expenses (let’s face it, that suit already cost enough!). 

Communication is key here, but most importantly, have FUN!

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