Best Honeymoon Ideas for All Budgets

There is nothing better after a long, fun, emotional wedding day than knowing that you still have several days to celebrate!

Your Honeymoon can be anything from a simple weekend getaway to a 10 days in a dream location, but either way it should be all about you.

Today I’m sharing some fantastic, lesser known and unique Honeymoon ideas to suit any budget!

Best Honeymoon Ideas for All Budgets

1. Rent a sweet little VRBO in a small local town $$ - $$$$

This is a great option if your budget can’t get you to Bora Bora! Small local towns usually offer tons of history and give you an opportunity to step away from the familiar.

Right here in Colorado you might consider a weekend in Ouray, where you can soak together in the world renowned natural Hot Springs, take a breathtaking and adventurous Jeep tour, drive the ‘Million Dollar Highway’ into Silverton and dive into old mining history, and dine on steak at the famous Outlaw Restaurant.

2. Go Glamping $ - $$

If as a couple you are outdoor-minded and love spending time with your dog, glamping may be the way to go!

You can find glamping options to suit nearly any budget, and the experience might be anything from a yurt or cabin to a fully renovated Air Stream.

Spend your days hiking and exploring the area, and your evenings cozied up together by the campfire.

3. Stay at a boutique hotel $$ - $$$$

Boutique hotels range in price and include everything from fully renovated historic boarding houses to high end art-inspired rooms in luxurious shopping districts.

Be adventurous and choose something that you may never have tried otherwise, or find a series of boutique hotels to visit over the course of 10 days and experience the best they have to offer.

4. Go adventuring $$$-$$$$$

Start your search for something completely out of the box! These once-in-a-lifetime options may run a little higher budget-wise, but they are sure to create an absolutely unforgettable experience.

Stay in a glass-roofed igloo at the

Wake up to giraffe’s at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

Sleep in a refurbished vintage Boeing 727 in Costa Rica

5. Go to the theme park $$ - $$$$

Love Disney? You’d be surprised how many couples spend their Honeymoon at the theme park!

You can even book a behind the scenes tour.

If you aren’t into Disney but love the idea of holding hands on a roller coaster, you can tour some other fun and historic theme parks. Knotts Berry Farm, Busch Gardens, and Kennywood come to mind.

There are so many other fun and unique Honeymoon ideas out there!

Or, you can find a BEAUTIFUL beach somewhere and spend a week doing nothing but soaking up the sun. That is still one of the best ways to spend your first days as a married couple.

Happy planning!

Wanda Bonner