3 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding

I’m keeping today’s blog post a little on the simple side.

Why? Because sometimes all of us get so wrapped up in planning weddings that we forget to simplify.

It is in simplicity that we find beauty, love, emotion, and the slower passage of time.

Instead of sitting here pouring over my words and meticulously thinking about details, this week I want you to read three VERY important and often overlooked wedding planning tips (that will simplify everything for you!) and then go live your life!

Read on, friends!

3 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding

1. Chill out about the small stuff

The small stuff will eat you alive when you are planning a wedding.

Nobody is going to remember that you went to the ends of the Earth to find bias-striped napkins with an exacting shade of maroon on them.

Nobody is going to remember (let alone you) that the candy bar has regular m&m’s instead of the elusive pretzel flavor.

See where I’m going with this?

As a wedding planner, I LOVE details. I love making sure a wedding day is fun, seamless, and stress-free while also beautifully and meticulously curated.

But for a couple, none of that should ever be at the expense of enjoying the whole planning experience, and of being able to look back on the day and realize that it was truly about family, friends, and love!

So many of these little details make up the overall feel of your day; celebrate those little details, but have fun with them too. Basic idea here?

Don’t lose sight of what the wedding is truly about.

Image by Highway 4 Photography

Image by Highway 4 Photography

2. Set yourself an early deadline.

Instead of thinking of your wedding day as the deadline to get everything finished, set a ‘deadline’ date 8-10 days ahead of your wedding day.

Keep this date in mind when finishing up all of your last minute details. If it’s not done at this point, consider letting it go.

The final 8-10 days should be reserved for celebrating, relaxing, and welcoming friends and family to town for your wedding! The more time you give to yourself, the more fun you can have in the building anticipation of the big day.

I know some are reading this and thinking ‘oh great, now I’ve got LESS time to get everything done!’.

If you are already in the final weeks of wedding planning, don’t stress about this. Instead, prioritize! What really matters here…tying ribbons onto a million teeny things, or making sure that your bridesmaids feel like you are still a friend (and not just a bride)?

3. Don’t forget each other.

Don’t make every weekend and every moment of free time about your wedding or your upcoming marriage.

Make sure that you continue to take the time to just be YOU!

Go for a hike, binge watch some shows, or try a new restaurant.

Make it a point to NOT talk about the wedding!

Date each other and remember that it was the fun of being together that started it all.

Interested in learning more about how I can take some of the teeny stressful details off of YOUR wedding planning plate?

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Wanda Bonner