Trending in 2019 Weddings - Wedding Ideas

Wedding style and trends move so fast!

It seems like only yesterday that mint green and bright, clean, airy weddings were everything. Those weddings are still beautiful and have a timeless appeal, but the trends seem to have moved in another direction.

2019 Weddings are looking fresh, bold, and fun with an artisan touch and plenty of modern ideas about love, wedding parties, and more. We are seeing rich color schemes, abundant florals, and a handcrafted touch.

Ready to learn about what’s trending in 2019 weddings? Read on!

Image by  Lucy Shultz Photography . Stationery by  WordShop.

Image by Lucy Shultz Photography. Stationery by WordShop.

Warm Color Palettes

We are going to see more rust orange, burnt red, and amber this year. These tones are warm and inviting with a subtle boldness that also feels very inspired by nature.

Matte tones are also in….shades of dark ocean blue, rich forest green, and brown are back and presented as deep as you can go with them.

Gender Neutral Wedding Parties

In the modern wedding party, anything goes!

’Bridesmen’ and ‘Groomswomen’ may buck tradition, but know that this idea has become more popular every year. It may be becoming ‘traditional’ in its own way very fast!

Not to mention this fresh new take: they are all here for both of you, so why bother with sides? More and more couples are choosing to forgo ‘sides’ and celebrate with their wedding party as one awesome group.

Image by  Lucy Shultz Photography  at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Image by Lucy Shultz Photography at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Artisan Everything has always been the go-to for beautiful and unique wedding-day decor. Its place in wedding planning has become even stronger with the latest trends.

We are seeing everything-artisan-made from the dress to the ring holder, the centerpieces, the stationary and even the wedding favors. Handcrafted is key, and this trend even goes straight into dinner, where hand-crafted cocktails and chef-created tasting plates have become popular.

Cakes are getting an artisan touch too with gorgeous hand-painted designs (yes! You can have watercolor on your cake) and stunning hand-made sugar flowers.

Over-the-top Florals

Couples this year are going all out with dramatic and beautiful floral installations.

We’re not talking about your basic ceremony arch here, but rather entire walls covered in floral or chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, dripping in greenery and blooms.

Large bridal bouquets and unique groomsmen bouts’ are still very much in, so stop and smell the roses, friends! They are here to stay.

Velvet & Vellum

In line with the current trends for moodier and warmer color palettes, velvet fabric and vellum paper fit right in.

Velvet fabric has a rich feel and absorbs light rather than reflecting it (talk about a 180 from the recent trends in glitter and sparkle!). This matte look is romantic and sexy.

Vellum paper is a sheer paper with a soft, matte touch that pairs beautifully with the overall aesthetic of 2019 weddings and can be used for place cards, stationery, programs, and more.

Thoughtful Wedding Favors

This year couples are writing individual, hand-written notes to each guest. Calligraphy and hand-lettered envelopes make this a memorable wedding favor that doubles as gorgeous reception decor.

This beautiful sentiment will also carry a lot of meaning for the people who attend your wedding. It makes for some incredibly emotional photo opportunities, and it goes hand-in-hand with the romantic, warm, artisan vibe that is currently trending.

I think the hand-crafted artisan feel we are seeing at weddings really lends itself to the creation of an event that is truly special and unique to each couple.

I love working with couples who are looking to incorporate fun and beautiful details into the wedding, and if you are ready to get started, I can help you plan everything from the timeline to the cocktails.

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