The Serendipitous Life of a Colorado Wedding Planner

Some might read this story and think it is serendipity, just happy luck, or a coincidence. Is it serendipity? Or did I make my own luck being an ultimate professional? Either way, this story just warms my heart (and also validates my decision to break off to create and run my own business). I love what I do. And I’m pretty meticulous about the details. I’ll let you decide if this is serendipity or not after you read the story.

Three Degrees of Separation

Three Degrees of Separation

The best story I have from my years as a wedding planner begins with this wedding from December 2016 — the first connection of the “three degrees of separation” story.

I coordinated a military wedding for Jenny and Kyle who found me on and we hit it off right away. Kyle is a fighter pilot and my husband was a fighter pilot when he served as well so we had a lot in common. They had a beautiful ceremony at Eisenhower Chapel and a fun reception at Mile High Station.

Jenny and Kyle by  Amy Carroll Photography

Jenny and Kyle by Amy Carroll Photography

That’s where I met Donnie. He was one of the wedding saber men at Jenny and Kyle’s wedding and a fellow military man. So of course we hit it off as well. Donnie had recently gotten engaged and he asked if I would be willing to travel. (Of course I’ll travel!!!) We kept in touch after the wedding, became friends and he and Matt hired me to coordinate their wedding in Washington D.C. in May 2017. It was a gorgeous day at the Army Navy Country Club.

I have become fast friends with Matt and Donnie and whenever they come to Denver we meet for dinner. In fact, they invited me to hang out with them in Las Vegas.

Matt and Donnie by  1001 Angles Photography

Matt and Donnie by 1001 Angles Photography

At their wedding I hit it off with Donnie’s family including his sister Riley. We chatted on Facebook for the next few months and when George proposed she called me and asked me to be her wedding coordinator in Chicago!

Riley and George had a beautiful wedding and reception at The Kimpton Gray Hotel. Riley beautifully incorporated their family culture with a wrist tying ceremony, common in Thailand, that her uncle performed.

Riley and George by  Monica Inglot Photography

Riley and George by Monica Inglot Photography

I had so much fun with these couples (and I’m so looking forward to their next family reunion! ;) )

So you see, I never have an idea when or where I’ll meet my next couple. Meeting them at another wedding may be a bit serendipitous but it could have been on a plane, at a coffee shop or in a dentist's chair. The key for me is sharing a job that I love and giving every wedding and wedding couple the best event possible while doing my best during their wedding. I feel that is the reason I earn the business. What do you think? Luck or hard work?

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