Our Favorite Holiday Treats - Get to Know Your Colorado Wedding Vendors

We are mixing things up this week - normally we like to feature a beautiful wedding the first week of the month (don’t worry, it’s coming!).

This time I wanted to get into the cozy Holiday spirit. I asked some of my favorite Colorado wedding vendors what their favorite Holiday treats are, and we are sharing some baking inspiration with you. The kinds of treats we look forward too all year!

Congrats in advance if this Holiday season finds you with a new ring on your finger! December and New Years are prime season for getting engaged. We can’t wait to hear your story. (Reach out here).


Our Favorite Holiday Treats

Sunshine Lump of Silver Sparrow Photography chose chocolate dipped Oreo Cookies as her favorite Holiday treat.

"I'm all about savory flavors but I do love hot cocoa and chocolate dipped Oreos with Christmas decor."

Not only are they an absolute hit, they can easily be decorated to look as beautiful as any cookie you spent all day baking! They look absolutely sweet with shimmery sprinkles, and wreaths, trees, or stars drawn in frosting.


Tina Perry, (lead planner at Blue Linden) says:

"When my kids were young, my favorite holiday treat to make was chewy molasses cookies. We love them because when you bite into the slightly crispy exterior the inside is chewy, sweet and spicy with the taste of cinnamon and cloves. It just feels like the holidays of the past."

Cinnamon and cloves are such classic Holiday flavors, and we think that they pair beautifully with a crackling fire and warm fuzzy socks!


Ashley Leland from Event Rents (one of my go-to wedding rental recommendations in Colorado) said:

"My favorite holiday treat is peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. They are more like candies but so fun to make and so delicious!"

There is literally nothing that could possibly go wrong when you mix peanut butter & chocolate! Keep these rustic and simple, or get fancy and decorate them as a truffle.


Tony Cummins, co-owner SoundMaster Entertainment says:

”My first preferred holiday treat is rum and egg nog…but if I must choose something homemade I would go with my mom's peanut brittle. Homemade fudge is always a hit!"

Egg nog, fudge, and brittle!? Worth looking forward too all year!


Casey Miller, co-owner of Sun Prairie Films said:

"My favorite holiday treat is Puppy Chow. It is so much fun to make with my 3 year old. He loves helping me in the kitchen and I love that we can make it together. I love that it's simple and customizable since my son has a peanut allergy and can't have other yummy holiday treats."

’Puppy Chow’
makes a fantastic holiday gift. It stays fresh and everybody enjoys it! Package it in neat boxes with winter accents and surprise teachers, coworkers, party hosts, and friends.


As for me (Wanda Bonner, the owner of Blue Linden)?

I LOVE making cookies at Christmas. This little break I get from planning weddings full time here in Colorado gives me time to reflect and relax.

I always make 12 different kinds (bet you didn’t know I was an avid baker!) but my favorite is almond shortbread stars.

I make them with real almonds, not almond extract and they melt in your mouth!


Interested in our recipes?

I’d LOVE to share my shortbread stars recipe with REAL almonds and would be thrilled to share it with you. I plan weddings in Colorado and Mexico, and can help you get started on the wedding of your dreams, too.

I hope you enjoyed our blog post today on favorite Holiday treats, and we hope it helps you make a personal connection with our favorite local Colorado wedding vendors!

Wanda Bonner