The Question I Wish More Couples Would Ask - Wedding Planning Advice

I’ve seen a lot of weddings, and I get asked a lot of questions.

Some of the more common ones center around things such as ‘who is the best catering company’ and ‘what do we do if it rains?’

But there is one question I wish all couples would ask, one question that can spark the most important conversation you’ll have with me as your wedding planner.

The question I wish more couples would ask - Wedding planning advice

“How do we make sure we get to spend time together on our own wedding day?”

This seems like such a simple question, but it’s a big one.

Too many couples wake up on their wedding day and find themselves a few hours later being pulled around by guests at the reception.

They feel obligated to give their time to friends and family (which is of course also important) and the excitement of the day makes every minute literally fly by.

Not once have they had a chance to take a moment and celebrate with each other, without distractions.

No Aunt Dotty gushing over the dress, no Uncle Bob telling bad jokes, no photographers asking for just one more photo, no vendors asking for just one more thing.

Three ways to make sure you get time with your spouse on your wedding day

  1. Create a loose, relaxed timeline. Work with your key vendors (photography, catering, planning, venue) to create a timeline that allows for the inevitable delays!

    A bridesmaid may forget a bouquet in the hotel room, it may take longer than you anticipated to get hair and makeup finished for all, or traffic is at a standstill and you (and the groomsmen!) are stuck!

    With a relaxed timeline, there is room not only for these little hiccups, but also for taking a moment to just breath.

    Who wants to rush around when you can really enjoy the day?

2. Consider a first look.

I know this one tends to buck tradition a bit, but hear me out.

You don’t have to do a first look, but if you want lots of time with your new spouse on your wedding day, this is the key.

By doing a first look, you can knock out a pile of key photos (wedding party, even family) before the ceremony. This means more time at cocktail hour, more time for portraits together, and my personal favorite?

Getting a few moments to yourselves outside of the fuss. Just you, your new spouse, and a glass of champagne before your grand entrance.

3. Hire a wedding planner (yes, I’m going to go there).

When you hire me as your wedding planner, hundreds of questions and details are taken off your plate.

When the DJ can’t remember if you wanted to announce the parents during the grand-entrance, he’ll ask me (not you).

When catering is running a little behind because of the weather, I’ll handle it. You just need to hang out with your new spouse and celebrate!

When your dress needs to be bustled, and two of the buttons popped off, I’ll be there with pins and expertise to save the day.

All of this equals more time with your spouse, less stress on the wedding day, and lots of great memories!

When you get in touch with me, I encourage you to ask this question.

How can we make sure that your wedding day is about you? How can I help you make sure that you get to celebrate and enjoy your day, rather than feel rushed and as if the whole day is about family and photos? How can I help you make sure that you and your new spouse get to spend time together on your wedding day?

Let’s chat! I plan weddings in Colorado and Cancun, and I’m actively booking for 2019-2020! I would love to make the relaxed, couple-focused wedding day a reality for you.

Wanda Bonner