Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon Planning Tips

The celebration isn’t over after your guests see you off at the end of the wedding night. For most couples, the excitement over the honeymoon is greater than the wedding itself, and for good reason. It’s a time to be romantic, share one-on-one time, and experience somewhere fun and exciting, oftentimes a first visit to a new place together as husband and wife. So the pressure of planning a honeymoon that’s enjoyable, affordable, and memorable can occasionally lead to major missteps and added stress. Your Denver wedding and event planner Blue Linden has compiled a list of honeymoon tips and honeymoon destination ideas to hopefully make the process a little easier, provide a perfect ending to the grand wedding event, and a set up a wonderful beginning to your new life together.

The "DO" Honeymoon Planning Tips

  • Start planning as early as possible! Don’t worry about last minute plans, rushed decisions, overcharges, or the inability to do what you want. With lots of planning time, it gives you more options for setting up accommodations and activities and allows more money to be saved and dedicated towards everything.

  • Be open-minded and don’t assume you must have or do certain things. Have the vacation you want, whether that’s on the beach, on the ski slopes, or snuggled up in a cabin in the woods. It can be a city away, a state away, a country away, or a continent away… when planning a honeymoon, keep in mind there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

  • Utilize a travel agent (they protect you during the travel process, typically have deals/discounts for things, and personal relationships in locations globally) or go through cruise/resort options which will have lots of inclusive things and can provide firsthand knowledge and experience with the activities in the area.

  • Set up a surprise like secretly contacting your partner’s workplace and extending the trip or arranging a “buddymoon” ending where some friends or another couple join for the last few days.

  • Balance! Plan fun stuff and spread it out over the honeymoon. Shy away from “winging it” entirely and research possible entertainment, dining, and activities to keep all your options open!

  • If you’re leaving the country, have passports (and visas, if applicable) by about three months out! (You should also consider travel insurance options and see about vaccinations around that same time.)

The "DON'T" Honeymoon Planning Tips

  • Avoid waiting until the last minute. Spontaneity is great, but not for as big of an event as the honeymoon. Instead, slip the spontaneity into the honeymoon (skinny dipping by moonlight, impromptu salsa dancing, sunrise walk on the beach…).

  • Don’t leave your partner out of the planning process! Oftentimes, when only one person plans, the trip tends to favor that person’s esthetic. Share, divide, and collaborate on the what’s and the where’s and it’ll be a harmonious (and potentially insightful) experience!

  • When planning a honeymoon, don’t rely entirely on internet research! Reviews can be outdated or paid-for. Your search may skip over unique or lesser known destinations.

  • It isn’t a good idea to whisk away to your honeymoon minutes after your wedding send-off. Rest, sober up, and get a good night’s sleep so you can fully enjoy yourself.

  • Underbudgetting is a no-no. Stuff can add-up quickly and it can be tempting to dip into the honeymoon fund to reallocate to other wedding expenses. But keep in mind when planning a honeymoon that it lasts longer and can hold many more memories than the 4-8 hour wedding day itself.

  • Don’t let things get boring by not planning enough stuff, but it’s also not a good idea to be so activity-laden that you don’t have time for romance or are too tired for hanky-panky.

  • Do NOT book your honeymoon in your married name! It takes a bit of time to get all documents and IDs changed over, so all official paperwork should stay under your maiden name.

Honeymoon Destination Ideas

  • Cruise anyone? You’ll get to see multiple places around the world, transportation included, with food and drinks taken care of, and an itinerary of fun activities both on and off ship. If you want to hit up the Caribbean, try out Carnival Breeze. If the Mediterranean is calling to you, look into the Panorama Variety Cruise. You can check out Pride of America for a Pacific cruise or an Alaska-specific venture with Sapphire Princess. And that’s just a few to choose from! The possibilities are endless!

  • City (Paris or New York City), beach (Bora Bora or Hawaii), safari (Africa or Maine), nature (Belize or Minnesota) - whatever tickles your fancy, you can find a place to match your desires, whether it’s stateside or abroad. And it can be adventurous, cultural, historical, or purely romantical… and if you’re really brave, a combination of all!

  • One of the most popular honeymoon destinations is a resort, and more specifically an all-inclusive resort! Have you considered a Sandals Resort honeymoon? A honeymoon at Sandals (or somewhere like it) provides an amazing getaway. As they say of themselves, “Sandals is the most completely original place on Earth created for two people in love.” Their resorts are designed for romance where you can do as much or as little as you desire. All-inclusive resorts typically have a minimum of three meals a day with drinks (and sometimes gratuities), watersports (scuba, snorkeling, water ski, catamarans, etc), and miscellaneous activities (golf, spas, night entertainment, fitness centers, and land tours, to name a few).

So what are your thoughts on our honeymoon planning tips? Are you in the process of planning a honeymoon or maybe you haven’t even started? Would you consider a honeymoon at Sandals or are you thinking something a little differently? Tell us your thoughts, opinions, and maybe even some honeymoon planning tips of your own! We’d love to hear from you in our comment section below, on our social media platforms, or even in person!